4 reasons why dating is so hard

07-Feb-2020 23:48

Never belittle yourself or compare yourself to another woman out there.You’re the only you there is and even if he finds someone else, that doesn’t mean she’s better than you, and it certainly doesn’t negate the things you shared. Fear of loneliness is one of the worst reasons for not leaving a relationship.This may not be the case, but whether it is or not, taking on daily public scrutiny like this is no picnic.It will happen a whole lot earlier for him than it will for you, so you’ll get jealous of his increased free time while he’ll start demanding more of your attention to fill up his long, empty hours, even though you’re still an occupied professional.You should never be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. You don’t want to give up on everything you’ve fought so hard for.

You bond with the people who are close to him, create relationships with them, and vice versa.You’re already going to have elderly parents to deal with as the years progress.Why would you want to have to deal with your husband’s incontinence right after you finish cleaning up after your parents’ senior messes?You still love him, you just can’t be with him anymore — but it’s just so hard to walk away. As you start brainstorming ways of how to end it, all of a sudden, all your good memories rush in while the bad stuff gets blocked out. If you’ve been with him for a long time, you’re comfortable together.