An error occurred while validating vdproj Kinky couples webcam chat

16-Apr-2020 20:06

다만, 솔루션 파일이나 package.config 파일에 Nu Get 패키지 정보들을 저장 하는데 Team City에서는 Version Control 통해 다운로드된 솔루션 파일의 Nu Get 패키지를 복원 하는 기능인 Nu Get Installer를 제공하며 사용 방법은 비교적 간단합니다.

NET采用两种文件类型(.sln和.suo)来存储特定于解决方案的设置,它们总称为解决方案文件。为解决方案资源管理器提供显示管理文件的图形接口所需的信息从而在每次继续开发任务时,不会因开发环境而分散精力; *.sln:(Visual Studio.

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This up in sex is all integrated by a shiny disinterest in being together at all.然后重新打开VS2010,结果又遇到了那个要求项目转换的事情:只有继续转换了。。。结果竟然遇到了那个悲催的“An error occurred while validating HRESULT = ‘8000000A’”:然后去编译项目,又回到了最开始的80004005错误了。又回到了原点了。。。8.再去安装那个帖子,去unload project:然后修改CSBrowser Helper Object.csproj中的Tools Version为3.5,再去reload project:此法,和之前手动修改的,效果一样,所以结果问题依旧,还是80004005的错误。9.再参考:Visual Studio 2008: ‘an error occurred while validating.HRESULT=80004005’ when building Installer Project去把4.0和旧的3.5改为 3.5和旧的2.0:再打开VS2010,同样会提示项目转换,继续转换,结果,同样的,还是遇到了8000000A的错误。10。尝试去把整个项目原先依赖的. NET Framework从3.5改为4.0:再重新编译试试,编译log如下:------ Rebuild All started: Project: CSBrowser Helper Object, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------ Build started 8/27/2012 PM.SHDoc /sysarray /transform: Disp Ret /reference: C:\Windows\Microsoft. NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\/reference: C:\Windows\Microsoft. HRESULT = ‘80004005’,但是没找到其所说的“project\signing\create test certificate”2.参考:How to fix the issue: An error occurred while validating.

NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\/reference: C:\Windows\Microsoft. HRESULT = ‘80004005’,却找不到其所说的“Tools Version="4.0"”是在哪里的。3.参考:解决error occurred while validating.Unfortunately we couldn’t address all cases of the command line issue for this release as we’re still investigating the appropriate way to address them.What we do have is a workaround that we believe will work for almost all of them.HRESULT = ’8000000A’ and"Unable to update the dependencies of the project.问题,去:这个是当前默认的选择:看起来本身就是好好的,不需要修改。然后重新编译项目,错误依旧。4.按照上面帖子,重新关闭VS2010,再打开试试。结果问题依旧。5.后来点击该项目,选择refresh dependencies:结果问题依旧。6.后来还是参考:How to fix the issue: An error occurred while validating.