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On the day of the competition, the Shets perform their routine perfectly, winning the competition outright.Carson and Penn kiss on the mat in the middle of the celebrations, and it is revealed that Camp Victory are the ones responsible for stealing the Spirit Stick.

Carson (Ashley Benson), capitaine des Sharks de la côte Ouest, et Brooke (Cassie Scerbo), capitaine des Jets de la côte Est, sont rivales depuis des années.

The end credits feature clips of the cast dancing "all over the world", while the singer Ashley Tisdale (who is the sister of Jennifer Tisdale) performs her single "He Said She Said".

You searched for the role H 10361 Objects found. Öga rött, Ett - Hassan Brijany as Halim's father in Öga rött, Ett Öga rött, Ett - Asmaa Houri as Halim's mother in Öga r… continue reading »

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