Apple tv pictures not updating

18-Oct-2019 01:05

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Using itunes when sharing a picture folder with appletv, the folder is sorted by oldest to newest.

If i have a large folder of pics (1000 or more) and I add new pics, restart itunes to let i rescan, then view on apple tv I have to use the remote sot scan all the way down to the bottom of the list to see my new pics. why or why can’t apple allow me to sort these pics newest to oldest withing itunes or apple tv.

I have a Late 2013 27-inch i Mac running mac OS Sierra and an Early 2016 Mac Book running mac OS Sierra.

This collection gathers all your images and videos in the order in which they were taken.

You navigate through the collection with your Siri Remote, to see an item in full screen just select and click on the image.

It’s also the option to choose if you want to access albums shared with you by your friends from i Cloud.

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This option lets your Apple TV access the last 1,000 photos or videos you’ve captured on your i Phone, i Pad or uploaded to your Mac.We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. I recently bought a new Apple TV and set it up to share a folder of photos on my computer via i Tunes.Unfortunately, when I add new photos to any of these folders, they seem to take a really long time—sometimes a day or two—to actually appear on my Apple TV.This is the tab that lets you access any images you’ve shared to i Cloud using i Cloud Photo Sharing, or images shared with you by friends or family using the same service.

I have a 4thGen AppleTv. Originally I had set the screensaver to photos using HomeShare. However now they will not update when I pick a.… continue reading »

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This does not reliably refresh the photos list on ATV2 at all. Below is the sequence for updating Apple TV with a photo collection on a.… continue reading »

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Updated July 30, 2017. Apple TV Photos lets you explore all your most loved pictures and videos on your TV screen. You can use this feature at the same time as iCloud Photo Sharing but it is not available with iCloud Photo Library.… continue reading »

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Look in Computers Photos on the Apple TV, not the Photos app which is. New photos are added to photo stream but only stay there for 30.… continue reading »

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Your last 30 days of photos are available in the My Photo Stream. If you recently created your Apple ID, My Photo Stream might not be available. On your Apple TV, go to Settings Accounts iCloud and turn off My Photo Stream. Without Internet, updates to My Photo Stream won't appear in Photos.… continue reading »

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