Best friend dating little sister

09-Mar-2020 07:39

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Not everyone is brave enough to sleep alone, and even though the big sister is supposed to be the tough one, it is comforting to see your adorable little sister sleeping soundly nearby.

And let’s not forget the occurrences of late night banter.

Nothing spells growing up quite like an extended curfew.

With age comes wisdom and when your little sister is walking into a dangerous situation that you once walked into yourself, big-sister mode is automatically triggered.

You never doubt her, since you have no idea what she is capable of.

Maybe you never realized she could sing that well, or cook that well.

When just before going to sleep you whisper stupid things to each other across the room, conversations that stay between you two forever. As well as the sharing of personal space, you realize eventually that you and your little sister have barely gone a day without sharing something: sharing a bathroom, shampoo, hairbrushes, cosmetics and clothes.

While you were little, it wasn’t unusual for your little sister to steal some clothes from you that she could barely even fit into.

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When you’re having a bad day and just want to shut out the world, you are often surprised by your little sister’s capability to lift your spirits.

However, if you decide to make a snide quip at her today, it can be pardoned, simply because you’re the big sister.

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