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Schools, backyards, streets, factories, offices, laboratories. But others showed people working, passing by or otherwise going about their business, completely unaware an stranger on the internet could be watching them. Humans are creepy deranged animals I've decided so I avoid them when I you mean you felt like you were being watched in public?

From what I read, many surveillance systems were not properly configured and when connected to a wi-fi network, ended up visible on the internet, without even requiring a password to access. the fact that there are so many people watching these things and even describing it as a kind of addiction is just.. will have to distract myself in a different way to get my mind off this..

I just didn't feel right looking into somebody's house. The crying became desperate, as if somebody was trying to scream but was unable to. I just wanted to block my contact with whatever the fuck was happening in that place. I walked to my kitchen to grab a beer and started to get my thoughts straight. It's weird to think that she might never know.

I closed the tab and went on to browse something else but soon enough I was back. It was a common house, nothing unusual about it, nobody in it. My volume was almost at maximum, so the sound that came out of my headphones scared the shit out of me. There were clearly two different people inside that house. Honestly, if there was any idea of who it was, I would feel obligated to call and let her know immediately.

But he says he always wondered if they could see him like he could see then on days his footage was correct. I recently went out to to eat with my parents and we met with a family friend at the restaurant, anyway he showed us on his phone that he could hack into other people's webcams in the area with a few clicks of a button, there was a ton within its range to access.

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It was a whole list of links, each one leading you to a website that showed an open camera feed. Some places were in different timezones, and there was little you could see through the night. this is just so damn creepy (btw, paranoid as i am i clicked the link to see if it was not my house or anything - oh the irony). Maybe there's another way that's more techie but if they can hack it when it's on, what's to stop them from hacking the computer and turning it on?

One day, the laptop was on the sofa in the living room. But then again, if I contacted them, the fun would be over. I live alone so that's pretty much what I do on my evenings after work. Nothing but the faint glow of the living room window through the curtains. He said he actually started to try and locate the location of the store.

I turned the volume up in the hopes this camera had a microphone. After a while the company corrected it he thinks cause it just stopped doing it one day. This is why you should cover your webcam with tape or something.

I decided I had to stop at once but the next day one camera in particular kept me going. I know you must be thinking that's crossing the line. I looked at it for a few seconds, swapping from one camera to the next. I can't remember the story I read on here by a girl who was stalked and she ended up getting him locked up for cyber stalking her webcam.

In my defense, I almost immediately closed the tab when I saw it. It seemed to be a common house, nothing unusual about it. In a panic rush, I pulled my headphones off, got up from my chair and closed the browser. Yeah, I'd be curious to know if she ever found out what happened. If that's not creepy and wrong, I don't know what faintly reminds me of something i came across a while ago, a phenomenon called gang stalking. I clicked the living room footage again, and the laptop was not there either. https:// Just look at this link titled ' Inside a cute girl's house', people are literally spying on people in their own homes and invading their privacy with them having no knowledge of it.I went to bed later wondering about what could have happened. Whoever this person was, he knew his house was being recorded. I thought about posting the link and talking about it, but if that person was aware his house was being recorded, he was also probably aware of his link being shared. There's a camera somewhere showing a completely dark footage? I went to play some games to get my mind out of it. People more or less told me that I was on camera somehow. I'd like to know where to find this list of webcams to see if perhaps he is still using them, on his current girlfriend or whatever. Yes, people are literally spying on other people for fun.

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