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This impressive palace, famous all over Europe, had greatly expanded since it had first become the seat of the Dukes of Brabant, but it was destroyed by fire in 1731.

In the 17th century, the city was a capital of the lace industry.

In 1695, during the Nine Years' War, King Louis XIV of France sent troops to bombard Brussels with artillery.

To let the city expand, a second set of walls was erected, between 13.

Charles would construct the first permanent fortification in the city, doing so on that same island.

Lambert I of Leuven, Count of Leuven, gained the County of Brussels around 1000, by marrying Charles' daughter.

During late antiquity, the region was home to Roman occupation, as attested by archaeological evidence discovered near the centre.

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Following the decline of the Western Roman Empire, it was incorporated into the Frankish Empire.In 1506, he became King of Castile, and hence the period of the Spanish Netherlands began. Upon the death of his grandfather Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, Charles became the new ruler of the Habsburg Empire and was subsequently elected Holy Roman Emperor.In 1516, Charles V, who had been heir of the Low Countries since 1506, was declared King of Spain in the Cathedral of St. It was in the Palace complex at Coudenberg that Charles V abdicated in 1555.Inhabitants of Brussels are known in French as Bruxellois and in Dutch as Brusselaars.