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Public Shared Sub Validate Document(business Document As Xml Document, schema Strong Name As String) ' Constants Const PARTS_IN_SCHEMA_STRONG_NAME As Integer = 2 Const PART_CLASS_NAME As Integer = 0 Const PART_QUALIFIED_ASSEMBLY_NAME As Integer = 1 ' Parse schema strong name Dim assembly Name Parts As String() = schema Strong Name. Schema Base) ' Set up XML validating reader and validate document Dim parser Context As New Xml Parser Context(Nothing, Nothing, "", Xml Space. I've gotten that down to under 25 minutes for both the system and CRM CRM website drives.

Get Type(class Name) Dim bts Schema Collection As Microsoft. In microsoft.public.money, Catherine Feldhausen [MSFT] wrote: problem, and if yes what was the wo... However I do not have Mac OS 9.2 [Classic] installed - m... Hi all, I'm trying to upgrade from CRM 1.2 to CRM 3.0. I would first just try to install over the existing installation.

Thanks, Zach Morgan [email protected] are you upgrading from?

Get Type(class Name) Dim bts Schema Collection As Microsoft. Anything would be helpful, as I am just trying to ensure all the bases are covered.

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Make sure your user record is enabled and that you have been assigned at least one security role. Read() End While End Sub ' Validate Document -- John A little more info... ' Create instance of the BTS schema in order to get to the actual schemas Dim schema Type As Type = schema Assembly. Does anyone have any documentation of things to consider or issues they had with the upgrade. Next week we will be doing a test migration and have 3 weeks scheduled for testing.Domain Upgrade We have a Windows 2003 Native Domain with Exchange 2003 running on Windows 2003 member servers. Upgrade Error I purchased and downloaded Money 2006. When I select that feature, I get a page that tell sme that a Money upgrade is in progress and that I will be able to use the feature when that is complete. Upgrading 2005 from 2004This is a message for ya'll trying to convert that file from 2004 to the new "improved" 2005. Under the file menu you will find "repair money File". I wouldn't say that my practice managment program seems slow, although t... Can I buy the upgrade version of this program rather than the full version since I already have the MS Office 2007?