Can a guy and girl be friends after dating

01-Mar-2020 11:01

If they both were, I find it hard to believe that a platonic friendship could work without one of them feeling some sort of attraction.And if they have been friends for years, how will you ever truly know what went on between them before he met you."market value" is exactly what it is - he thinks that telling you of how many girls think he's amazing, you'll think he's more amazing than you already think without knowing that.and thinking it sucks big time that he's with you "because maybe he can't be with any of these girls he claims to have friendzoned" is like him thinking it sucks that you are with him when everybody knows the man of your dreams is George Clooney. They hang out at least once a week, and he sometimes spends the night on her couch.Maybe it's just my situation that has left me so cynical about this topic.

However, I read in articles and on forums SOOO many guys complaining about the friend zone, and how the only reason a guy is friends with a girl is if he wants to sleep with/date her, and was just rejected. And if it is, then how can a girl ever trust a guy who has a lot of female friends?

Is it always a bad idea to date a guy who has lots of close female friends?