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If the path difference is equal to a multiple of the wavelength, then the light from the two slits will be “in phase”, and will experience constructive interference.It’s subtle, but already two assumptions have been made.

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OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the details of the numerous articles that have jumped all over what might best be termed a “thought experiment” by scientists at NASA.As a quick historical aside: When Thomas Young originally did this experiment he was looking at the interference pattern produced by allowing sunlight to pass through a colored filter (to get one ), then a single slit (to get the light “coherent”), then the double slits, then projected onto a wall.It was dark, and (one can only assume) Young was very squinty. He let the cat out of the bag for shearing forces, the Rosetta stone, and the transverse-wave nature of light, to name a very few.Physicist: It helps to first get an idea of how the double slit experiment is done.

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