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301 Anthropology, (Cultural anthropology), (Social anthropology), (Physical anthropology), (Archaeology), (Linguistics), (Ethnology), (Ethnography), (Indigenous peoples) 301.45 Afro-Americans - Segregation - Southern States - History, (Jim Crow Laws), Southern States - History - 1865-1951, Southern States - Race relations, (Race discrimination - United States) 301.55 Mass Media, (Popular Culture), (Flash Mob) 302.2 Signs and symbols, Communication 302.23 Mass media, (Mass communication), (Media), (TV), (Magazines), (Radio), (Newspapers) 302.3 Bullying, Bullying - Prevention, (Cyberbullying), Bullies 303.3 Public opinion polls, Quality of life, Social values, Values, (Best employers) 303.6 Terrorism, Terrorists - Biography, (9/11) 304.6 Population, Birthrate, Mortality, Vital statistics, Human fertility, (Death rate), (Mortuary statistics), (Demography), (Birth rate), (Marriage statistics) 305.23 Children, Children and adults, Child development, (Child rearing), (Child abuse), (Child welfare), (Teenagers), (Teenage pregnancy) 305.26 Aging, Retirement, (Senior citizens), (Seniors), (Aged), Elderly, Gerontology, Old age, (Older adults) 305.4 Women, Women - Identity, (Women - History), (Women - Social Conditions) 305.5 Poverty 305.892 Arabs 305.896 Blacks, African Americans, (Afro-Americans), (Blacks - United States), (Black History Month), Blacks - Canada, Blacks - Great Britain 306.81 Marriage 306.85 Family 307.76 City life, Cities and towns, Urban sociology, (Town life), (Urban life) 310 Statistics 314.1 Great Britain - Census, United Kingdom - Census, Great Britain - Statistics, United Kindgom - Statistics, (Scotland - Census), (Northern Ireland - Census) 317.1 Canada - Census, Canada - Statistics 317.3 United States - Census, United States - Statistics 319.4 Australia - Census, Australia - Statistics 320.1 Political science, Political ethics 322.4 Ku Klux Klan, (K. K.) 323 Human rights, Civil rights, United States - Civil rights, Blacks - Civil rights, African Americans - Civil rights, (Basic rights) 323.3 Women's rights, Women's movement, Feminism, (Women - Civil rights), (Women - Emancipation), (Women - Equal rights), (Women - Suffrage) 323.44 Freedom of action, Freedom of information, Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Intellectual freedom, Books - Censorship, (Banned books), (Social justice), (Equality) 323.6 Citizenship, Citizenship - Australia, Citizenship - Canada, Citizenship - United Kingdom, Citizenship - United States, (Passports) 324.271 Political parties - Canada, Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, New Democratic Party, (Canadian Federal Political Parties) 324.273 Political parties - United States, Democratic Party (U. S.), Third Parties (United States politics) 325 Immigrants, Immigration and emigration 326 Underground railroad, Slavery, (Slave trade), Abolitionists, (Abolition of slavery) 327.1 Peace, Peace movement, Arms control, Arms race, (Disarmament) 330.1 Lost and found possessions, (Lost pets), (Lost articles), (Found items) 331 Labor market, (United States - Bureau of Labor Statistics) 331.25 Pensions, Retirement income, Military pensions, Old age pensions, (Social security), (Naval pensions), (War pensions), (Old age insurance), (Compensation), (Survivor's benefits), (Disability benefits), (Children's benefits), (Retirement pension) 331.3 Age and employment, Children - Employment, (Child labor) 331.5 Apprentices, (Employees - Training), (Occupational training), (Labor) 331.7 Occupations, (Jobs), (Careers), (Job search), (Employment), (Trades), Vocational guidance 332.024 Personal finance, Estate planning, Saving and thrift, (Financial planning, Personal), (Finance, Personal), (Budgets, Personal), (Registered Retirement Savings Plans - RRSP), (Registered Retirement Income Fund - RRIF), (Retirement income - Planning), (Tax-Free Savings Account - TFSA) 332.1 Banks and banking, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) 332.10971 Banks and banking - Canada 332.10973 Banks and banking - United States 332.4 Money, Coinage, Mints, Paper money, Gold, Inflation (Finance), (Currency), (Standard of value), (Legal tender), Exchange, Foreign exchange, (Exchange rates) 332.63 Stocks, (Stock market), (Stock quotes), Bonds, Mutual funds, Securities, (Investments), (Foreign investments) 332.64 Stock exchange, (Securities exchange) 332.7 Credit cards, (Bank credit cards), (Banks and banking - Credit cards), Loans, Mortgages, Consumer credit 332.8 Interest (Economics), Interest rates, (Prime rates) 333.33 Real estate business, Houses - Buying and selling, (Home buying), (Home purchase), (Real property), (Realty), (Apartments), (Rentals) 336.2 Taxation, (Income tax), (IRS), (CRA), (CCRA), (Revenue Canada), (Tax returns), (Taxes) 336.3 Public debts, (Government debts), (National debts) 338 Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, (Home-based business), (Small business), Businesspeople, (Business people), (Self-employed), (Freelancers) 338.1 Farm produce - Marketing, (Farmers markets), (Agricultural products), (Farm crops) 338.4 Consumer goods, (Consumer products), (Merchandise) 338.5 Consumer price indexes, (Cost of living indexes) 338.7 Business enterprises, Corporations (Business organizations), (Businesses), (Firms), (Companies) 338.9 Subsidies, Economic policy, (Grants), (Federal aid), (Business and government), (Economic planning) 340 Law, (Jurisprudence), (Laws), (Statutes), (Case law), (Legal forms), Law - Directories Governments: (See countries, e.g.: 971 Canada, 973 USA) 341.3 Embassies and consulates, Diplomacy, Diplomatic and consular service, International relations 345 Trials (Homicide), Criminal law, Trials (Murder), (Manslaughter), (Crime), (Offenses against the person), (War crime trials), (Courts martial and courts of inquiry), (Poisons and poisoning) 345.052 Wiretapping - Law and legislation 346.0434 Landlord and Tenant 346.05 Estate planning, Inheritance and transfer tax, (Tax planning), (Personal finance) 346.4 Copyright, Fair use (Copyright), (Intellectual property), (Literary property), (International copyright), (Cyberlaw), Trademarks, (Logos), (Company symbols), (Corporate symbols), (Trade marks) 347.053 Class actions 349.71 Law - Canada 349.73 Law - United States 352.230941 Prime ministers - Great Britain 352.230971 Prime ministers - Canada 352.230973 Presidents - United States 353.8 School boards, (Boards of education) - See 371.2 Schools - Administration 355 Military readiness 358.38 Biological warfare, (Bacterial warfare), (Germ warfare) 361.3 Volunteer work, (Volunteers), (Volunteering) 361.6 Social policy, (Government policy), (National planning), (Social planning) 361.7068 Fund raising, (Fundraising) 361.8 Charities, (Charity organization), (Charitable institutions), (Humanitarianism), (Philanthropy), (Endowments) 362.1 Hospitals, Hospitals - United States 362.2 Mentally ill, (Insane), (Insanity), (Sanity), (Mentally deranged) 362.204251 Emergency and rescue operations, (Acts of Kindness), (Real life heroes), (Rescue) 362.29 Alcoholism, Drug abuse, Substance abuse, (Addiction to alcohol), (Drug addiction) 362.4 Handicapped, (Disabled), Deaf, Deafness, Hearing impaired, Physically handicapped, Blind, Blindness, People with visual disabilities 362.7 Child support, Child abuse, Child welfare, Abandoned children, (Deadbeat dads), (Deadbeat moms), (Deadbeat parents) 362.8297 Missing children 363.1 Accidents - Prevention, Safety education, (Safety measures), (Water safety), (Safety - Road safety) 363.12 Aircraft accidents, (Aeronautics - Accidents), (Air crashes), (Airplane accidents), (Aviation accidents), (Plane crashes) 363.1251 Drunk driving, (Driving while intoxicated), (Driving under the influence of alcohol) 363.17 Poisons and poisoning, Hazardous substances, (Toxic substances) 363.2 Police, Law enforcement 363.25 Fingerprints, Fingerprints - Identification, Criminal investigation, Criminals - Identification, Forensic sciences 363.28 Secret Service 363.7 Environment, Environmental protection, Noise pollution, (Pollution - Prevention), (Pollution control), (Conservation movement), (Green movement), (Ecological movement) 363.72 Hazardous wastes, (Toxic wastes) 363.738 Acid rain 363.739 Pollution, Air pollution - Measurement, (Atmosphere - Pollution), Water pollution, (Soil pollution) 364 Crime 364.1 Computer crimes, Impostors and imposture, (Hoaxes), (Charlatans), (Pretenders), (Chain letters) 364.16 Fraud, False personation, Credit card crimes, Swindlers and swindling, (Identity theft), (Con artists), (Con game), (Scams) 364.6 Capital punishment 366 Secret societies 368 Insurance 369.4 Scouts and scouting, (Boy Scouts), (Girl Scouts), (Girl Guides) 370 Education 370.19 Foreign study, Foreign students, (College students), (Overseas study), (Study abroad) 371 Schools (K-12), (K12), (Education), (Homework) 371.04 Home schooling, (Home-based education), (Home education), (Home instruction), (Home teaching by parents), (Homeschooling) 371.102 Teaching, (Art of teaching), (Methods of teaching) 371.12 (Teacher qualifications), (Professional qualifications of teachers), (Certification of teachers) 371.2 Schools - Administration, (School management and organization), (Acceptable use policy - AUP) 371.26 Educational tests and measurements, Examinations, Intelligence tests, Psychological tests, Ability - Testing, (Tests), (Achievement tests), (Objective tests), (Educational measurements), (Intelligence testing), (Mental tests), (IQ tests), (I. tests) 371.3 Teaching - Aids and devices, Teaching machines, Programmed instruction, Computer assisted instruction, (Instructional materials), (Teaching materials), (Lesson plans) See also Web Quests - Web-based lesson plans (Internet activities for educational purposes) 371.3028 Homework, Study skills, (Art of learning), (Method of study), (Study strategies) 371.39 Tutors and tutoring, (Tutorial), (Tutorials), (Learning), (Education at home), (Home instruction), (Courses of study) 371.42 Vocational guidance, (Vocational education), (Career education) 371.7 Safety education, School violence, (Student violence), (School vandalism), (Violence in schools), (Accidents - Prevention) 372 Elementary schools 372.1 Babysitting 373 High schools 374 Discussion groups, Voice chat 377.2 Character, Moral education, (Character education) 378 Colleges and universities 378.13 Alumni and alumnae - Directories 378.3 Scholarships, Student aid, Student loan funds, (Bursaries), (Fellowships), (Scholarship funds), (Student financial assistance) 379.158 School standards and accreditation, (Educational standards) 380 Commerce, communications, transportation 380.1 Markets, and 381 Telemarketing (See 658.8 Auctions, Direct selling, Telemarketing, Online bookstores) 380.106 Chamber of commerce, (Boards of trade) 381.13 Franchises (Retail trade) 382 International economic relations, International trade, (International organization), (Internatioal cooperation), (World economics), (Economic planning), (Social policy) 383 Postal service, Postal code, Zip code, Postage stamps, (Mail service), (Post office), Postcards 384 Electronic mail systems (E-mail or email addresses), Telephone (Telephone directories), Video telephone, Chat dictionaries, Data transmission systems, Telecommunication, (Wireless) 384.54 Radio stations, Radio broadcasting, Radio programs, Amateur radio stations, (Ham radio stations), (High-frequency radio), (Citizens band radio) 384.55 Television, Television broadcasting, Public television, Television and youth, Television and children, (Educational television) 387.155 Lighthouses 387.5 Merchant marine, (Sailors), (Seamen) 387.7 Airlines 388.4 City traffic, Traffic engineering, Local transit, (Street traffic), (Urban traffic), (Highway transportation) 391 Costume, Fashion, Clothing and dress 391.413 Shoes, (Footwear), (Boots) 391.6 Perfumes, Tattooing 392.1 Female circumcision 392.5 Weddings, Marriage customs and rites, (Bridal customs), (Honeymoon) 394.2 Birthdays 394.25 Carnival 394.26 Holidays, Festivals, (Christian holidays), (Religious holidays), (Chinese New Year), (Valentine's Day), (Easter), (Halloween), (Veterans' Day), (Thanksgiving Day) 394.268 Christmas, Christmas customs, Christmas cards, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, (Santa Claus), (St. Nick), (Xmas) 395 Etiquette 398 Folklore, (Folk lore), (Folk tales), (Traditions) 398.2 Fables, Fairy tales, Legends, Urban legends (Hoaxes) 398.22 Arthurian romances, Grail, (King Arthur), (Holy Grail), (Arthur, King - Romances), (Knights of the Round Table) 398.24 Mythical animals, Animals - Folklore, Dragons, (Monsters) 398.8 Nursery rhymes Gordon Brown from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Canadian federal election, 2015 from Wikipedia. Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Grégoireand their three kids, Xavier, 7, Ella-Grace, 5, and five-month-old Hadrien. In swimming pool at home in Ottawa's Rockcliffe neighbourhood, Summer 2014Photo by Maude Chauvin. "May my grey hair come in at a much slower rate than yours," Trudeau said to Obama at State Dinner, 10 Mar. Canadian Prime Ministers Since 1867 from infoplease. A seamless transition of images of presidents from one portrait to another. She holds the title of the first person without arms in the American Taekwondo Association to get a black belt and the Guinness World Record for being the first armless person in aviation history to earn a pilot's certificate." With links to other Jessica Cox videos. Keeping Seniors and Special Needs Individuals Safe Around Construction by Lior Zitzman, Big Rentz, July 25, 2017. Nick Vujicic and his attitude serve as a great example of the celebration of life over limitations. "This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world . Cast: Bill Thompson, Beth Miller." Richie Parker: Drive -- SC Featured. Special Needs - Teacher Resources from Teacher Vision. The Ultimate Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide from Contractor Fire Safety Publications from Town of Milton Fire Department, Ontario, Canada. A Parents Guide to First Aid from National CPR Association. Build a safe work foundation for: Construction, Landscaping, Life Guarding, Parks and Recreation, Restaurants, Farm Work, Safe Driving. ● Why Do Aircraft Crash A Look at the Statistics behind Plane Accidents from Flight Deck Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Common Poisons from Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS). Household Products - Household Chemicals, Harzardous Waste, Accidental Poisoning from Medline Plus. As taught in Forensic Science by Paxton/Patterson College & Career Ready Labs." Fingerprinting from Cyber Bee® by Linda C. "The general shape or overall pattern of finger and palm prints can be inherited.

The Legacy of Tony Blair, Prime Minister, 1997-2007 by Gary Gibbon, Channel 4 News. (Formally, the 42nd general election) was held on October 19, 2015, to elect members to the House of Commons of the Canadian parliament. At home in Ottawa's Rockcliffe neighbourhood, Summer 2014. First Among Equals - The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics. 44 US Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama morphed to the music (Boléro) Bolero by Ravel. ● Limb-itless: Pilot Born Without Arms Defies All Odds. Legal Resources and Considerations for Seniors and Persons with Special Needs from Just Great Lawyers. The human spirit can handle much more than we realize. Special Needs Seniors - Planning for the Future of this Vulnerable Population. ● CHIP Reverse Mortgage: Resources to Help You Make the Right Decision. This fire safety guide for people with disabilities was made especially for people and caregivers of persons living with either blindness or low vision, hearing loss, physical disabilities or cognitive impairments. Swim at lifeguarded beaches, Heed warning signs posted by lifeguards, Monitor closely constantly changing conditions, Waves come in sets, Hazards can exist in ANY coastal area - not just in the water, Do not fight a rip current, Use the buddy system - never swim alone & know your limits, When in doubt - don't go out! Useful links on: How to Keep Your Home Safe, How to Teach Your Child About First Aid and Emergencies, and First Aid for a New Parent. Keep your family safe from preventable njuries from Healthy Canadians. A publication for parents and caregivers containing safety information on products that may pose a danger to children under 6 years of age. SADD - Underage Drinking, Impaired Driving, and other topics. Emerging Contaminant - 1,4-Dioxane Fact Sheet from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Sep. Index of Poisionous Plants, Poisons & Antidotes - Stedman's Shorter Medical Dictionary (1942) from Paul Andersen describes the process of DNA fingerprinting and DNA profiling. Family members will often have similar patterns or designs (whorls, loops, etc.) on the same fingers of their hands.

Birthplace: Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, United States. Her 1,000-page dissertation explored the indigenous craft of blacksmithing in Indonesia, a topic she had studied for more than 20 years. She had instilled in her son the importance of education, making him rise before the sun came up to do his homework." ● Ann Dunham biography from ● Obama's father, Barack Obama, Sr.: Barack Hussein Obama (1936-1982). 2011 9 Obama's Speech on the Death of Osama bin Laden 10 Obama's Speech on Middle East and North Africa 11 Obama's Victory Speech 6 Nov. ● The 56th Presidential Inaugural Weekend Schedule. Click on any charity's name for more information: Name, Total Revenue, Total Expenses, Surplus/Loss, Net Assets. Charities Directorate - Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with a List of Canadian Registered Charities, Newly Registered Charities, Recently Revoked Charities, Recent Annulments, updated daily. A searchable list of Canadian charities, which can be used to: 1) confirm whether a charity is registered under the Income Tax Act and is therefore eligible to issue official donation receipts; and 2) view a charity's contact information and Registered Charity Information Return, which includes financial information and activities. Founded in 2008 by undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania, Givology currently has 501(c)3 tax-exempt status (in the United States)." Includes information on Internet Microphilanthropy and Online Giving Marketplaces, as well as How Givology Works. May 23, 2018 Email: Update on Funds for Humboldt Broncos posted by Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc. ● Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, ON ● Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga ON Canada. ● Overall 5.1 % of the global burden of disease and injury is attributable to alcohol, as measured in disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). Watch Ren Ji Mei, born without arms, cook a meal for her family, earn a living gathering live crabs, make noodles and dumplings, write a letter, embroider, play cards, etc. America's Favorite One Handed Pianist - The Lord's Prayer by Brian Arnold. "The Australian runner, who once worked in front of the camera and as a mining engineer, was caught in a ferocious fire that left her with burns to 64% of her body in 2011." ● This Women's Magazine Chose a Burn Victim to Be the Cover Model for Their Inspirational New Issue by Jenna Mullins.

2009 8 Obama's Arizona Memorial Speech, Tucson AZ, 12 Jan. attended the University of Hawaii and also received a Ph. in Economics from Harvard University; his late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham received a Ph. In 2008, he was elected President of the United States, becoming the first African-American commander-in-chief." From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents. Contains information and documents of their speeches (including inaugural addresses), writings, biographies and anything else related to their person or the office they are holding. The Inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America. Site includes Non-profit Incorporation, Volunteer Resources, Funding Sources, Fundraising Tips, and more. Tips and Resources include: A-Z Directory of Charitable Organizations, 4-Star Charities, Top 10 Lists, 6 Questions to Ask Charities before Donating, Giving Statistics, Protecting Yourself from Online Scams, and more. "is an online giving marketplace through which any Internet user can browse and sponsor students and education projects in the developing world. ● Health Fact Sheets: Heavy drinking, 2016 from Statistics Canada, Sep. ● Alcohol Facts from World Health Organization (WHO). ● The harmful use of alcohol is a causal factor in more than 200 disease and injury conditions. "With his left arm paralyzed in an auto accident with a semi, Brian Arnold, America's Favorite One Handed Pianist, plays masterfully "The Lord's Prayer." Blind Quilter: Diane Rose, Waco Texas. Burns survivor Turia Pitt joins the ranks of Australian Women's Weekly cover stars in inspirational photo shoot by Sarah Dean and Lucy Chesterton.

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It also reports to and advises the Government of Canada on national security issues and situations that threaten the security of the nation. Face America's Greatest Danger (Gun Violence Statistics and Facts). On a yearly basis, there are 38,000 reported gun-related deaths, with an average of 96 Americans killed each and every day ... Never climb a tree with a loaded firearm, Never cross a fence with a loaded firearm ...), Safe Gun Storage. But the 5-4 decision only applied to federal laws and failed to address local and state laws.

In Defense of 'Deadbeat' Dads by Wendy Mc Elroy, Fox Child Find Canada from Child Rights International Network (CRIN). The ridges grow larger as the person grows, but the overall shapes and location on the fingers do not change for as long as the person lives. A ridge ending is simply the end of a ridge (also known as an ending ridge). Australia data shows gun controls a huge success 20 years after mass shooting by Byron Kaye and Wayne Cole, Sydney. "Australia on Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of a mass shooting which led to strict gun controls that have in turn led to a huge decline in gun murders, undermining claims in the United States that such curbs are not the answer. Roughly one-in-seven adults who own or have owned a gun (15%) say they have fired or threatened to fire a gun to defend themselves, their family or their possessions ...