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"By judge" feeds will show all opinions on which the named judge authored the opinion, a concurrence, or a dissent.

RSS note: Some information presented on this page is available through an RSS feed.

On the day of release, they are available at approximately a.m. Opinions released since September 1995 are available on this site.

Dispositional orders are decisions the court ordered published in official reports, but are in a format different than opinions.

Smaller geographic areas, such as counties and cities, are separate jurisdictions to the extent that they have powers that are independent of the federal and state governments.

Today's released Wisconsin Supreme Court opinions Search for opinions and dispositional orders Opinions scheduled for release Disposition tables list actions taken on petitions for review, petitions to bypass certifications, motions for reconsideration and attorney medical incapacity matters. After one year they will be available through Rutgers Law School.Opinions are posted in Adobe format and require the download of Adobe Reader.A court may be designated either as a court of general jurisdiction or as a court of special jurisdiction.

A court of general jurisdiction is a trial court that is empowered to hear all cases that are not specifically reserved for courts of special jurisdiction.The geographic area over which authority extends; legal authority; the authority to hear and determine causes of action.Jurisdiction generally describes any authority over a certain area or certain persons.PACER account holders may register as non-party users of the court's Appellate ECF system to obtain immediate email notification of the filing of opinions and dispositions in specific cases. Use the "View" option to change the number of opinions displayed per page.

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Opinions. Recent Opinions. Supreme Court Opinions. File Date, Case Info/File, Case Title, File Contains. Jul. 05, 2018.… continue reading »

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Court opinions from the Delaware Court system. On Sunday, July 29th, 2018, from AM until AM, the Delaware Court Websites and. Decision Date.… continue reading »

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Search #1 Opinion by Case Number. Case Number Search #2 Opinions by Court Type and Date Range. Specify begin/end dates for date range search.… continue reading »

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Rutgers Law School hosts a searchable database of New Jersey Supreme Court and Appellate Court reported opinions dating from March 1994 to the present.… continue reading »

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