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A bunch of random events happened to where he needed to take me to my house so I could get a key. We were playing off each other and having a great time and we turned the scene into something better. I think it makes the movie better because you can see the connection that these two people have. Alba:: It is difficult for me to call myself a Latino actress.

And who knows, that might be one little piece of a lot of things she said.I kind of used it as my audition because, like you said, I haven’t really done any comedies and I couldn’t get into those roles because people just didn’t think that that was my thing. I hosted the movie awards knowing I was going to be able to do these skits and Dane was at the show. Alba:: Yes, I did chip my front tooth doing a kiss scene. CS: Did you have to go get emergency dental work done on your tooth? I had a bond on my tooth and when I took it off I looked like “Dumb & Dumber.” I looked like Jim Carrey in “Dumb & Dumber.” I was really silly. CS: To follow up on that, do you feel that it could be because a lot of the audiences for films tend to be young boys.That’s when he made the call that he thought I could do comedy and I could do “Good Luck Chuck” with him. I chipped my top front tooth and he chipped his bottom tooth. CS: What are your good assets when it comes to being around men? Could it be that women (as audiences) have better things to do than go to the movies on opening weekend and that is how Hollywood looks at it? I don’t think that the only people that go to the movies are young boys.There's a potentially cute pairing at the center of editor-turned-director Mark Helfrich's feature debut, but like everything else about this insulting romantic comedy, the Jessica Alba/Dane Cook love match is degraded by vile jokes, a boorish attitude toward women and a smutty tackiness not seen since those stupid nudie-cuties of the 1960s.

Dane Cook continues to have far too much luck with his female cast member choices, following his work with Jessica Simpson on Employee Of The Month. When you find the funny moment you kind of have to just stay within those boundaries. Sometimes if you are not willing to be that introspective you just go around in circles. Yeah, they are great because they don’t care about you at all. They are so innocent and adorable, especially penguins. It’s like we are bringing this to screen and we have to wrap our heads around the character, but they’ll give you three weeks to do that. You have to be in sort of a sincere grounded place because in comic book movies you are really playing a cartoon character and you have to make that as real as possible. I think they just stay together during the time they choose a mate, impregnate them and they stay together for that one time. I think it is about creating patterns, breaking them, and learning from them. To be honest the actors are always the last to know. CS: Do you have a preference when working with comedy, horror or action films? You have to go to such a dark place (for the horror), and then you have to stay in such a happy place all the time for the comedy. If I have a crush on someone I get all squirmy, quiet and giggly. Some of the things that Dan Fogler says is so out of control, but I have a friend that talks like that. I thought it was cool that the studio allowed us to do that. Alba:: That is the message that we are getting across in the movie, but they don’t. Whether it is breaking cars involuntarily or getting into relationships and constantly not finding your match. CS: Can you tell us the status on some of the rumored future projects you might be included in like “Fantastic Four 3? You probably know more than I do about those things. My experience on the set and what I go through emotionally with every one of those is completely different. CS: Are you okay with the R rating for “Good Luck Chuck? They are eccentric but they feel like somebody you know.