Datasource onupdating

08-Sep-2019 17:00

Now, consider a situation where you don't want to display the username from the database but you want to display the current user in the txt User Name Text Box.

For this you can easily create a protected method and use databind to display the username in the txt User Name Text Box.

Hi Steve, I guess you want to access a control in the Form Template on the On Updating event. instead of the actual names I wanted, such as txt Company, txt Plan_Type, etc.

The form views datasource is a strongly typed dataset based on stored procedures in a sql database.

NET and PHP that configure the Custom Store and implement server-side data processing. For client-side data processing, implement the load function to load data from the data source.

The CustomStore enables you to implement custom data access logic for consuming data from any source.… continue reading »

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The form views datasource is a strongly typed. Bind CheckBoxList in FormView to. check" the appropriate boxes and then the onupdating event of the form view.… continue reading »

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