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04-Dec-2019 15:50

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If she truly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as opposed to being excessively vain, then she will abuse him eventually.Narcissists go through period of idealization with a new partner, but once that illusion is shattered, and it always will be, then the abuse and recriminations start.Your friend may think she's just going through a bad phase: No, it will get worse and worse.Women abuse men physically and sexually at a much higher rate than is generally acknowledged.

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But there may be ways to teach emotional intelligence to children outside of the home, for instance, as an obligatory component of elementary school.

Then I have this son, good degree but a penniless drifter with no job or career at age 34 . Claims he is depressed, has OCD, read self-help books and does nothing because he wants “to sort his issues”.

He hates me and his bother but idolises his father who kicked us out from home and never paid children support.

Tell your friend to be honest with you and try not to judge him for remaining in a relationship that to your eyes, seems doomed: unless you have been through a relationship with a Narc, you cannot understand the conflicted feelings that come up when someone you once loved goes out of their way to hurt and undermine you.

Narcissism is a genuine problem in today's society.* People largely make choices on the basis of their own interests and well being. Choosing a career on the basis of your preferences and likes and dislikes is much better than choosing a career on the basis of your parents' preferences and likes and dislikes.I was married with a narcissist, violent and abusive man (& victim of much domestic violence and verbal abuse, blackmail, the whole package).It took 16 years to get away from the situation after playing the rescuer for far too long.There comes a time when the boy will come across to the mother as a mysterious and dangerous testosterone-filled creature that almost appears to belong to an entirely different species.

So are you dating or married to a narcissist. I’ve been with several narcissistic men in my lifetime and I seem to be a magnet for them.… continue reading »

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