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Section III and Section IV deal with Angola's legal system and research, respectively.

Located in the west coast of southern Africa, Angola was under Portuguese colonial rule until November 11, 1975, when it became an independent nation.

In 1991 a new constitution and a new law allowing the creation of new political parties were approved (Law 12 of 1991 ()), which approved changes to the Constitution, and Law 15 of 1991 ().

At the end of May 1991, the Bicesse Accords (See S/22609, May 17, 1991, Peace Accords for Angola) tried to put an end to 16 years of war and scheduled presidential elections for 1992.

After a quarter century of conflict, the warring parties signed the Luena Memorandum of Understanding, which provided for the conversion of UNITA into a non-armed political party.

In 1976, the United Nations (UN) admitted Angola as one of its members, thereby recognizing the MPLA government as legitimate.In 1992 the MPLA won the elections but UNITA rejected the elections' results. In the aftermath of the contested democratic presidential elections, Angola's National Assembly approved the 1992 amendments to the Constitution.In 1994 the Lusaka Protocol (See S/1994/1441, December 22, 1994) tried again to bring peace to the country.Since the MPLA was supported by the communist block (i.e., the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Cuba), the United States of America (USA) abstained from voting the Security Council decision that put forward Angola's membership for admission by the UN.

The years to follow were bloodied by violent war between MPLA and UNITA over the control of different parts of the country.She earned her law degree in civil law from the Lusíada University of Lisbon in 1995.She also holds a master's degree in civil law (contracts) dated 2000. He is currently a lecturer at the University of Namibia.