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07-Mar-2020 15:13

They didn't know the city they claimed to live in (at all) would never communicate outside the site's mail system and would never agree to a meeting in person.Once I started getting communications from someone whose photo I'd seen in online ads, I got suspicious and started asking questions like ' What's your favorite local restaurant? How did they get his email if he didn't know about it? Either this is a poorly written story; he's a con, or I'm just super dense.He has a piture on there of a very handsome man in uniform. Never give anyone money through dating sites This is one of the reasons why I don't do online dating.He gives a big sob story how scared and he loves who ever he is talking to. Not only have I contacted women whose profile has posted a local address (actually live outside the US), but have contacted me as well.I’ve heard some real horror stories, and I’ll share some more details with you when we’re ready to air our report in the next week or two.

Let me know if anything like this has ever happened to you on Internet dating websites.

Everyone involved in an internet relationship should review all the pictures and beware of the signs. if you look close most of them are profectional pics.

there is a web site you can check on i believe if you google it you will find it under nigerian scammers.

The scammers create a fake profile, dupe vulnerable people into responding and ultimately getting drawn into what they think is a romantic relationship.

One man who says his photo was posted on a dating site without his knowledge told us he gets a dozen e-mails a week from women all over the world who’ve fallen for his online imposter.One of the first ones had a photo of a great looking guy,,, I knew the picture well as it was a photo of my husband..had passed away seven years ago! I wrote to the man in my anger and hurt and also contacted the on-line company who removed the photo after I could prove it was my husband.I wish I had just played along for a bit as now I realize that whoever this guy was he had to be using the site for a scam as no one would be able to meet the man in the photo.' (a reasonable enough question if you're considering a date) and would never get a straight answer. Well, I'm on the verge of a divorce after my husband recently got scammed out of about 3000.00.