Dating during a marriage separation

01-Oct-2019 04:35

As a result, hurt feelings and resentment may follow.

I would suggest that if you’re going to have sex while you are separated, make sure that you are doing so because you want to express and share your feelings at the time, and not as a way to lure your spouse back or to play emotional games.

You want to laugh and feel very alive during this experience. Wives in particular usually ask if it’s a good idea to limit sex when you’re separated.

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It also gives you a common goal and something to look forward to.

I know it’s easy to fall back on the familiar, especially when you might already be struggling emotionally during the separation, but it’s very important that the dates go well so that you both want to have more of them. I understand (and usually agree somewhat) with this thinking, but I also know that this is easier said than done.