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I last had this guitar a few years ago and it appears as though it was unplayed since it was last in my hands.Finish has all the luster of a new model and frets are perfect.They sell online for 9 but why not get one of these, with a great setup and much-needed quality control, for 9, including shipping. '99 Danelectro '56 U-2 - Kool Kopper, (front), (back), (headstock).Another great 1st Reissue, this one finished in the classic copper finish.Has one mod that bears mentioning - someone removed the locking nut and replaced with a plastic cover.

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With the humbucker-wired lipsticks in the bridge, this model is more versatile and especially good for garage/punk, in addition to any of the previous tones, which have been used impressively by players as diverse as Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews.Compare this to the Chinese guitars you can get for 0 today and this is an excellent value at 5.Daisy Rock Debutante Short Scale, (front/back), (headstock), (case). If you've got a young player, not quite ready for a full scale instrument, but you want to buy a *real* guitar rather than a toy at the department store, this is an excellent choice.I got an email from Rondo regarding this guitar where they confirmed it was a limited model with a price of 9. Includes free gigbag or substitute used a hardshell case available for .

This one's in dead mint condition and for 9, I'll throw in a gigbag. Charvel Charvette 150, 1990, features a nice sounding set of pickups with a Charvel Ceramic Plus in the bridge and a Carvel high-gain single coil size stacked humbucker in the neck.Out of the box these are not great playing guitars, with high action, noisy pots, and rough feeling frets.After Martin gave this guitar the attention it deserves, polishing the frets, lubricating the fretboard, setting the action, dressing the fret ends, and cleaning the electronics, they play fantastic, just like the old mail-order guitars they're patterned after.At 22.5" scale length (distance from bridge to the nut), it's 2"-3" shorter than a full scale, just enough to make it easy to get around on but nothing that they're going to grow out of in a few months.

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