Dating for 17 year olds

10-Sep-2019 16:46

You might even meet someone even better in college or through contacts at work or other social activities.

There is also statistics which say that people who are similar age tend to stay married more than people who have a larger age gap.

You have to both want the same kind of relationship and be willing to compromise where you disagree.

But there is one issue that is important to consider.

A decline in grades, changes in sleep habits, or change in weight or appetite are just a few symptoms that could indicate a mental health issue or other underlying problem.

People can change significantly between their high school years and their college years.

So while you may feel compatible while you are 17, maybe when you are 25 (and they are 33), you may feel differently.

Some of them take off on a smooth path toward adulthood.

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They become increasingly responsible and they’re eager to become independent.

Whether he's dealing with a broken heart or a college rejection letter, many 17-year-olds are dealing with adult-sized problems for the first time.