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Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is off with Isaac (Shawn Doyle) working in a lab, and coming up with something that Isaac exploits, as a poison.We were right not to trust him because he’s apparently involved in hunting the Fae down, having them fight against one another, and studying them.Various rumours about it circulated online (recorded below). The two did a deal with the US National Geographical Society, which is publishing all of this codex. Some of it surfaced in a bank vault a couple of days ago. It is quite likely that some of the statements made reflect the imagination of journalists, honest mistakes, or misinformation by those who wish to obscure the origins of the artefact; the author of much of this material, Michel van Rijn, believes he has himself been misled at various points by some of those involved.The exact whereabouts of all these is a matter of doubt. All of them were found in Egypt and exported by Cairo dealer Hannah, who offered them in Switzerland in 1983 for the staggering figure of m, and in 1984 imported them to the USA. Here is what is known about the mss in summary at the moment: 4 gnostic texts written in the Sahidic dialect of Coptic: - the ps."Gospel of Judas" - the "First Apocalypse of James" - the "Epistle of Peter to Philip" - "Allogenes" (fragmentary) Includes 1 cover. When seen by Stephen Emmel in 1983, it had both covers, so possibly more exists. I have simplified the formatting of material from Michel van Rijn's site, which contains so much information that it can be hard to find the material solely on this find.Tamsin gets shot, there’s a last second revelation, Trick gets kidnapped!!Everything happens fast and furious in this episode, it’s just one thing after another, ratcheting up the tension…Click the contract number to view the signed contract.Click the Contract description to view the notice of contract.

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Steve Cochrane pens this week’s penultimate episode of the season and it’s definitely getting ready to pull out all the stops for the finale next week (unfortunately I’ll be away and won’t be able to see it until I get back, oh well).

The series is based in West Texas, but was shot in New Mexico, which was a homecoming of sorts for showrunner Sam Catlin, an alumnus of “Breaking Bad.” But Catlin said he had another reason for shooting there.