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28-Dec-2019 13:55

But unluckily, her marital life is full of uneasiness.

With two talented people colliding with each other on Wrestle Mania 34, will Asuka be able to protect her streak before Charlotte Fair cement her legacy?As the 36-year-old lady, Asuka hasn’t shared her vows with a husband yet. Talented and energetic, WWE star hasn’t lived the blissful married life with a husband. With her upcoming birthday celebration, her age will be37. The WWE superstar, Asuka’s salary is 250,000 dollars for annually with a contract of 2 years. Stay in touch; we will soon update you on Asuka’s net worth!She has devoted her life to the career which she loves the most and has no any interest in marriage and a life partner. Asuka is born in “Urai” family but hasn’t revealed any information on their parent’s details. She has the real name called Kanako Urai better known by the stage name Asuka. He is your EX for a reason He married someone else ...... you deserve much more then to become the OTHER woman.... I can totally understand wanting to go back to the familiar... I was just on another form about soul mates and I made a post about something we are and have been since 13 yrsold but now it just doesn't seem right even tho we know everything there is... or his wife is a good cook but not as good as you in bed? Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too.. Run and run fast, you deserve so much better, than to be the girl he gets his rocks off on!! BUT...seems kind of insulting for him to think your good enough to have sex with as "the other woman", but not good enough to be in an exclusive relationship with.

I don't want to become the woman u speak is very hard not to go back... An a$$hole, cheater wants to bang you then go home to his family. Pretty cut and dry actually...sister, all it means is he thinks you are an easy, vulnerable target since you are an "Ex" gf. You broke up with him for a reason, and now he is back and has become a cheater as well.. All this would do is make you feel like a mess afterwards, because those tiny feelings you have now will multiply into mega feelings after and he will just get his thrill and run back to his whats best for YOU and tell him that you have more respect for yourself than that!!! OP, first, be glad that you didn't end up married to him or you'd probably be walking in his current wife's shoes..second, be proud of turning him down..deserve much better than to be with someone who can't be with you in a real relationship.PS -- If he is so close why does his daughter not even know him he is her father and should be taking that responsibility unless he is a complete loser and in that case there should be no question in your mind but to RUN.Kanako Urai, better known by the stage name “Asuka” on the WWE entertainment industry has risen to fame by her talent, skills and impressive signature move.So once again this was the worst experience of her life. Officially Single After separation, for next year’s there were no rumors revealed about her dating.