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08-Feb-2020 21:58

I'll give them credit for a nice sales pitch, though.The reason that tradcon societies are so economically successful in general is that they hitch the wagon of productivity to the strongest horse there is... Civilization itself was, after all, built by dudes trying to get laid.How thirsty would you have to be to consider marrying a woman you hadn't fucked yet?(Especially in a society that expected monogamy of you.) Remember that Baby Boomer men .

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Spengler’s Decline of The West is too complicated and Yockey’s Imperium is too dark. Not everyone is cynical and nihilistic enough to enjoy the decline while almost every men can benefit from other TRP concepts.If marriage was so great for them, why did they kick over the traces for the vague promise of some hairy free-love snatch? Tradconism pays lip-service respect to men, rather than insulting them, but remember that it, too, is in service to the female imperative.Instead of helping men to overcome and control their protective instinct towards women, it plays to that instinct, and raises men who are slaves to it. Feminism is nothing, after all, but a massive exploitation of the male protective instinct.Yes these countries have problems but not the problems we discuss here at Red Pill.

They don't need coping strategies like PUA pick up lines, relationship books or marriage therapy because their social and family lives aren't plunging ever deeper into abyss. You don't have to be Stephen Hawking stunting wheelies in a futuristic robo chair to understand what I'm saying here. Socially the West is fucked and if you don't want to get fucked don't be Western.In fact it's an excellent reason to avoid metaphorical societal AIDS.The problem is that Pozzing game ends when everyone knows about Pozzing game.If men have to be financially successful to get laid, they have to work hard and be productive.