Dating my boyfriends brother

19-Apr-2020 06:07

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My boyfriend defends her, told me that she "has PTSD" but won't tell me why, even though he's told me that he knows why, so he's keeping someone's secrets for them? It's not like she was in the army, I know that for damn sure.

I haven't brought this up to my boyfriend yet, but I really think his entire family needs to push this girl away a little. How do I bring this up, especially since everyone looooooves her so much.

Marriage isn't in the cards for her anytime soon if what I hear is any indication, so I think she's digging in her claws any way she can. Tl Dr; boyfriend's brother's girlfriend is probably a gold digger/ attention starved brat. Its really sad that you have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to keep posting this hateful shit over and again in hopes that someone will side with you.

Your boyfriend's family has accepted her and her daughter as part of their family. I know it sucks when everyone else likes someone else so much more than you but being a jealous lunatic is not the solution.

So I've recently met his family and they're pretty great, too, other than his older brother and his little child bride.

First off, his brother is almost my age, and he's dating a girl in her mid twenties. They've apparently been together for a few years now, which makes it even worse!!!

She doesn't work because she's 'in extensive therapy', so she's got a nice, free ride.

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