Dating people relationship hilo hawaii dating in grand junction

09-Mar-2020 16:03

I am interested in meeting a man who feels confident and secure enough in himself so that controlling behaviors and I am a quiet person and I usually enjoy simple things!

I've been on my own now for six years and have adapted to the quiet solitary life, though it is still my preference to be in a meaningful relationship with someone if he is vibrantly alive, has a great sense of humor, understands the importance of honest and open communication in all relationships and and senses the Oneness of all of life. I work in the Wedding Buisness here in I want to meet the man of my dreams..Yes I am a single Asian male, and also have to deal with that issue myself, not bitter though, I got some good traits going for me.Generally, there is a tendency to be very clickish here since there is a small degree of separation for those that are born and live here its easy to not trust an outsider.I feel like a paradox being educated yet still curious about everything.