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01-Nov-2019 08:38

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Here's some advice on how to handle job search rejection.

Subject Line: Job Application - Candidate Name Thank you very much for your interest in employment opportunities with ABCD company.

Companies may also be concerned about the contents of the rejection letter, fearing everything from a lawsuit to recipients' incorrectly reading a promise of a potential opportunity in the future.

In some cases, companies may also be hedging their bets – if they haven't sent out an official rejection, they can still reach out to candidates in the future if a prospective hire doesn't work out after all.

Take any feedback you receive to heart, even if it is difficult to hear.

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Then, perhaps, if the job becomes available again, you can reapply even though you were rejected before.

However, it’s better to have a definitive answer about a job than it is to wonder when or if you'll hear back from the hiring manager.

The rejection line team takes care of the rest, providing premium rejection services -- completely free of charge. It's that simple. We do the rejecting. You spend time doing things you enjoy, like walking in the park, going to… continue reading »

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The following line is pretty darn effective but only use it as a last resort “You need to know that if you attempt to contact me again, I’ll report your activities as an abuse to the dating site. The site will then begin to monitor all your e-mail messages and kick you off the system if it doesn’t like what you’re writing.”… continue reading »

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To that potential rejection fatigue add something sociologists call “masculinity threat.” Masculinity threat occurs when a guy feels consciously or not he can’t fulfill masculine gender role expectations, such as being a breadwinner, possessing physical strength and enjoying sexual access to women. And when masculinity threat looms,… continue reading »

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One of the most common dating problems women face is wondering why he didn't call. Men mysteriously disappear, and dating rejection can be jarring and feel really crummy. Here's how to handle dating rejection and start moving on.… continue reading »

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How to Handle Rejection. Any kind of rejection, no matter if it's in love, your career, friends, a book proposal or anything else, is not something that should affect how happy you are. Rejection doesn't feel great and sometimes it feels.… continue reading »

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