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There is a tribe of people living in the Central, Uva and North-Eastern areas of the country called the Veddas or Wanniyala-Aetto, who are possible descendants of the Balangoda Man.

Sri Lanka was ruled by a monarchy in ancient times, the Sinha Royal dynasty in particular, which reigned for over 2000 years.

In some other areas the coastline consists of rocks, cliffs, little offshore islands and bays, which have brought into existence two of the world’s best natural harbours in Trincomalee and Galle.

These natural formations also provide the perfect setting for Water Sports such as Surfing and Snorkelling, which are a major boon to the spiralling tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

These are brought on by Monsoon winds blowing in from the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

Whether it is a glowing sun tan that you yearn for, or the glorious sight of the hills rising out of the mist, you will have it – somewhere in Sri Lanka.

Rises to around 30 metres above sea level and is made up of Sri Lanka’s famous golden beaches and lagoons.

There is further evidence of salt having been brought from the coast even before 27,000 BP.The longest river is the Mahaweli Ganga, and during the latter part of the last century it was dammed in several places and the water harnessed into large-scale projects.This area forms a large part of the island’s terrain, and constant soil erosion has wrought many changes in the appearance of this section.For an island so small, Sri Lanka has an amazing diversity of climatic and weather patterns.

Wayamba is divided into 2 districts Kurunegala District 4,771 km 2 1,842 sq mi Puttalam District 2,976 km 2 1,149 sq mi Major cities. Kurunegala Municipal Council… continue reading »

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