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Maybe you’re a podcast obsessive, filling every spare moment of your commute to catch up on your favorites.Or a single-subject listener, only keeping up with a subject or issue that means most to you.Because ASD is a direct result of exposure to societal programming, ASD grows every year a woman ages, until it maxes out around her early 40s.

Regardless of your preferred way to enjoy these stories and conversations, it can be daunting to track the latest from every show.

When you’re in a conversation with a woman using a dating site’s messaging feature, as opposed to instant messaging, texting, or using your own email account. Anything that demonstrates your value to a woman over other men, whether spoken or implied (implied is always better).

This can be many possible things, including but not limited to confidence, money, advanced sexual skills, good looks, that monogamy, child rearing, or traditional marriage is pleasant and/or permanent in the modern era.

Profiling the unexpected rise and publicly unceremonious end of Grooveshark, Eric Mennel reports on the music streaming site’s early troubles, serendipitous success and eventual replacement in the entrepreneurial space.

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It’s a familiar arc for the biographies of these kinds of businesses, but through the Start Up lens, these triumphs and tragedies reach further toward each pole than you might expect.: the aforementioned The Uncertain Hour and The Stakes; 99% Invisible’s ode to trash truck tunes; Mortified’s tale of pining after the vice principal; Lauren Lapkus helps to tackle kids’ impossible questions on The Longest Shortest Time; Candidate Confessional talks to the recipient of one of local politics’ most infamous viral booing sessions; Five Thirty Eight Politics’ audio doc on the Rev.

Betaization is a completely natural part of a woman’s biological makeup and is usually not done from a place of malice (though there are exceptions to this).

Online dating can be fun and convenient, but falling for a sweetheart swindle can be costly. Be wary of "friends" you meet online who develop a relationship with you only to con you out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.… continue reading »

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With thousands of online dating sites available, spend some time researching your options to find the best online dating service for your safety, security and success.… continue reading »

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