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n an attempt to show the evolution of the transistor based Big Muff Pi circuit, and a reference for repairs, this article examines some key schematics for the different vintage Electro-Harmonix variants, in chronological order, or as near as I can determine.

Also included are several clones of the Big Muff circuit with unique component values or interesting modifications.

If you have a preference then we should be able to accommodate it (but we may need to pass on any additional costs) - just let us know what you need.

This blog is not a another guide to Synthi AKS, but rather it's about my experience encountering and using one of these remarkable instruments while "testing" the one shown above following a...

It is a fact that, with vintage items, there are going to be times when gear arrives in need of some adjustment or calibration, and some times a piece of gear that was working 100% just chooses the day after arriving for a new fault to develop.

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I will not post the schematics of anything in the current EHX line, like the current Big Muff, Tone Wicker Big Muff, or Bass Big Muff, so don't even ask.Instead, Superfuzz Bigmuff has all the best attributes of Mudhoney's Stooges fixation -- whether slow or fast, this music is grimy, raucous, and violently enthusiastic, with a stronger melodic sensibility than Iggy's band possessed.Mudhoney's dominant traits are simple chord progressions and a filthy-sounding, ultradistorted guitar racket, punctuated by Mark Arm's snarling, demonic howls.To see shipping costs put the item you are interested in the cart and then either use the shipping estimator or go into the check out process.