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These ads are produced by placing a small piece of code on the web page.The hard part -- choosing an advertisement that matches the content and displaying that ad -- is done by Google.Calendar: There are a wide variety of calendar widgets out there, but the idea is the same: let people know about your upcoming shows and events.HTML/Code Snippet: These are widgets in which you add your own code, giving you complete control.Have you ever seen a "bookmark this with us" link under a blog entry? They provide a widget that you can put on your blog to help people sign up.You Tube also provides a widget, allowing you to make a playlist of your favorite videos.Choose from hundreds of online form widgets to include extras such as video, social media or maps in your forms with Jot Form.

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Widgets can be used to track visitors to the website and provide information on how the visitor found the website.

You can then highlight the code with your mouse and either choose edit-copy from your browser menu or hold down the control key on your keyboard and type the letter ' C'.