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But now it's gotten to the point where the knowledge I'm about to sperm all over his studly face makes me nut even harder.Coach T told me not to take any pictures, but damn, it was just too hot watching Dad penetrate him, slowly and deeply, that I knew I had to have a memento."It would be fun to see you smooth." That afternoon we went back to our hotel room, where I shaved Mike down completely, everywhere but his crotch. " captionstojerkby: Mac and Gleason were looking over, watching—maybe just to make sure we lifted it up even, yeah, but maybe because they could tell what was going on, maybe because they knew, maybe because he'd told them or shit, had bragged about it. I didn't know his name, just saw him at the downtown gym every day during lunch. Beef nodded and put his towel back on, barely covering his rigid stalk. macstevens: "Hiya Coach," I heard as a firm hand slapped against my shoulder playfully. He wanted Coach again, and the thought of it was bringing a bone to my pecker. I didn't even need a morning alarm, the sound of my stepdad's shower woke me with an instant hardon every morning.He showered off then put on the leather jockstrap we'd purchased. It turns out we were always there at the same time, finishing our workouts and changing at the same time. I thought he was going to play coy but it was a quiet day in the locker room when he came back from the showers not even a minute after I'd gotten out. "Long time no see." I turned around from my bar stood to see Dave Marshall. I'd sneak out into the hallway and sink to my knees beside the door, watching Gary stroke his fat cock. I was panicking and he hadn't noticed me yet but I loudly closed the door behind me, there was no going back.We know that after a day spent on the computer working you don’t want to spend your night doing the same thing while searching for lust.That’s why we’ve created one of the easiest online hookup mobile apps available.

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Of course, he was nothing up against my now 360 pounds of grade-A top manbeef, but his new brawn opened up a whole new range of possibilities in the bedroom, ones that he was too delicate to take advantage of before he put on some weight.

I should have known that Kevin had some unresolved issues when he called me Coach on our second date, but with a 6'2" hunk like this guy he can call me whatever he likes. you know, if you get horny." My cock shot straight up and within seconds I bent him over the counter and fucked the guy right then and there.

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