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25-Oct-2019 21:37

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Is there a book about approaching girls that's written for normal people and not some "pick-up artist" bullshit?

I'd like to read a book about human psychology and evolutionary psychology related to dating and having meaningful, healthy relationships but that also has practical advice.

So basically it'd be great if there was a book called "how to be a decent human being that gets laid." Thanks! Part 1: the long game ( most important part) You'll see a change in the pickup community these days.

They have finally come to the conclusion that tricking people into sex is shallow and meaningless.

Hi everyone, I'd like to get better at dating, flirting and romantic relationships.

I'd like to learn more about that but I don't want some fuckboy/incel crap about exploiting people's insecurities or rating women on a numeric scale.

Change your focus to bettering yourself and building the skills you need.

Become confident and accept you will mostly fail no matter how good you are.

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And what that means is you need to stop focusing on dating and focus on yourself.

That's why I'm looking for books about relationships and dating - I want to have healthy relationships and sex with women without hurting anyone. If you have all these qualities you talk off, you shouldnt need books to tell you how to get on dates and such.

I'm also not the most socially adept person so I'd like to improve myself in that respect. Relationships dont have a "this gon be casual" or "dis gon be serious" note when you start them.

I just want to have some fun without a long term commitment to a single girl.

I think caring about women and wanting to have casual relationships/sex with them are not mutually exclusive, as long as both parties are clear about about their intentions.

You want to be a fuckboy but the morally right version of it so you can tell yourself youre not a fuckboy...

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