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This award is presented to an individual renowned in the world of sports and committed to the advancement of Hispanic Americans. VETERANS MEMORIAL SCHOOL CAMPUS NAMING CEREMONY (July 2009) 36. Other suggestions include Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, which houses his extensive collection of historical papers and has a plaza dedicated to him. The company of area developers is investing heavily in Downtown, including renovating several historic buildings surrounding the plaza.

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Lozano, Jr., former publisher of La Opinin; former NFL player and coach Thomas R. A funeral home in Three Rivers denied his widow's request to use the chapel for his burial because her husband was Hispanic. Johnson, who secured a hero's burial at Arlington National Cemetery.Villarreal has dedicated his time, energy, and considerable talent to NCLR's mission within and outside of the organization. When the water was shut off in the past year, the statue's deterioration eased."We're feeling comfortable that the piece can continue its life within the park," said Sean Mc Glynn, director of the city's Museums and Cultural Affairs Department. Sent by Rafael Ojeda Tacoma, Washington Revised May 31, 2011 to incorporate 2010 Census Data.He has personally contributed to the organization's success by donating hundreds of hours of his time to NCLR and serving as an advisor and mentor to Murgua and an entire generation of emerging Latino leaders. "We need to continue the conversation with the estate of the artist, but the report has caused us to think we can do a restoration of the piece.""It needs to fit within the new schematics of the design, but first and foremost its ideal location should be at the plaza," said Lane Gaddy, an area businessman who launched the San Jacinto Alligator Project on Facebook in April as a response to the redesign's omission of the alligators -- live and in fiberglass. Hispanics in the roles of both allies and enemies with Hispanics from other nations. Earlier version posted on Weekly Digest Hispanic , October 24, 2003.This award is the most visible recognition that NCLR bestows annually to showcase the achievements and impact of an outstanding Affiliate and to recognize the Affiliate's active engagement in critical NCLR policy and programmatic initiatives. Maybe we are the ones who have the problem; it's not the clinic or the place, it's us." The clinic is where Garcia received visits from patients and politicians for more than 40 years and also helped plan a strategy for the landmark 1968 public school integration case Cisneros et al. He always put his medical practice first, said Cecilia Garcia Akers, who worked in her father's office for 10 years.

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