Dhcp3 not updating bind9

22-Apr-2020 18:17

Ok, I've thrown everything at this, and I cannot get my Ubuntu 10.04 server to handle dynamic DNS updates from DHCP. In earlier attempts to get it working, I saw error messages about dynamic updates timing out. The last try for dynamic updates gave these messages from the DHCP server's syslog: Dec 30 dhcp01 dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from :f:a0 via eth0 Dec 30 dhcp01 dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to :f:a0 via eth0 Dec 30 dhcp01 dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from :f:a0 via eth0 Dec 30 dhcp01 dhcpd: DHCPACK on to :f:a0 via eth0 Dec 30 dhcp01 dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from :f:a0 via eth0 Dec 30 dhcp01 dhcpd: DHCPACK on to :f:a0 via eth0Again, I'm not getting that far anymore. I just need someone smarter than me to please look over my configs. Please let me know if there's any other information (e.g. My /etc/dhcp3/option domain-name-servers; option routers; option subnet-mask; ddns-updates on; ddns-update-style interim; ddns-domainname "mydomain.lan"; ddns-rev-domainname "1.1.10.in-addr.arpa"; ddns-ttl 14400; ignore-client-updates; key "dhcp-key" zone default-lease-time 86400; max-lease-time 604800; authoritative; log-facility local7; subnet netmask include "/etc/bind/rndc.key"; acl "internal-net" ; controls ; include "/etc/bind/options"; include "/etc/bind/local"; include "/etc/bind/default-zones"; include "/etc/bind/logging.conf"; I'm omitting /etc/bind/because it's really long and really has nothing but logging directives (I promise). The only dynamic DNS updates will be to my internal server. I set up a virtual environment to mimic my physical setup and tried a few things.

It could be anything--something incredibly stupid like a missing semicolon or huge, like a fundamental issue I just don't understand. "Stripped down" meaning that I sent them through sed to delete comments and blank lines. directory/file permissions) to help get this solved. I'll post it if anyone really, really needs to see it. I switched to debian squeeze (6.0.3) for the server.

If you do not want to modify apparmor profiles, you must change the file paths for below to use /var/lib/bind/ instead of /etc/bind/ (e.g. ( 2003071701 ; serial 86400 ; refresh (1 day) 14400 ; retry (4 hours) 1204800 ; expire (1 week 6 days 22 hours 40 minutes) 604800 ; minimum (1 week) ) NS ns.

'file "/var/lib/bind/db.mydomain.lan";' instead of 'file "/etc/bind/db.mydomain.lan";'). Also for Ubuntu, in case you feel like being tricky and trying to soft link from /var/lib/bind back to the zone files in /etc/bind, the links will be replaced with normal files after the DNS server pushes through the first set of journal changes to the zone files. ( 2009010702 ; serial 86400 ; refresh (1 day) 14400 ; retry (4 hours) 1204800 ; expire (1 week 6 days 22 hours 40 minutes) 604800 ; minimum (1 week) ) NS ns. EOF(8) Create the forward zone file for PLEASE NOTE: If you are an Ubuntu user and do not wish to modify apparmor profiles, you must change the path to /etc/bind/db.(as described in the note above for step 6). ; ns A EOF(9) Back up the original and replace it with a custom config PLEASE NOTE: There is a client_template section that needs to be filled out for each client that connects or the dynamic update may not work because dhcpd may not have a hostname to use for the update.

I leave it to you to figure out how to work around that (because I don't have a good answer).

(11) Start the servers PLEASE NOTE: The restart for isc-dhcp-server may begin with a "failed!

BIND9 does have a reputation for being complex but you can find help in the pages which are complete, if very long, and there are good books to help you get through (see below).

Setting up the DHCP server is by comparison much simpler; set that up as you need.

" message when installing the server at the very beginning of these commands.The environment it provides: PLEASE NOTE: I just ran the below commands on a clean, base install of Debian in a virtual machine.They worked on the Debian virtual machine without a problem.The version of ISC BIND DNS and DHCP servers installed by default in Debian stable are the older versions, which will not actually work together.

If you have either server installed you need to remove it and upgrade to the newer version of each package.

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