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Desperate for a second chance, Kris accepts a job at Raintree Horse Farm, owned by the Ritter family.

The Ritters used to be at the top of the high-stakes, winner-take-all racing world, but now they desperately need a winning [...] (More)A troubled life has led Kris Furillo to juvenile hall where her only friend is a failed racehorse named Wildfire.

Both have lost the will to trust and the faith to believe in anything, least of all themselves.

But whenever Kris rides Wildfire, something extrodinary happens.

While recovering from her broken arm, Kris tries to earn a chance at riding Wildfire in a upcoming race.

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Wildfire follows eighteen-year-old Kris Furillo (Genevieve Cortese) who, after serving time at a teen detention center, is given the opportunity to start a new life. Genevieve Cortese is a shy girl whose head is in the clouds, nose in countless books, with headphones constantly in her ears.She lives in the Big Apple, one of the main centers of the crazy world. His head and his nose are always somewhere--places Gen doesn't wanna know about, and headphones are never out of the question when the mood strikes him.as much as I adore them :) & would have loved to have seen them go out in real life.

She is dating Jared Padelecki lol so no she isn't really romantically involved with Ryan or you know what maybe she could have been but I doubt it they are just close friends.

The Ritters are facing challenges of their own even as they reach out to help Kris.