Does sm entertainment allow dating

25-Jan-2020 19:50

Displaying good looks, outstanding talent, endless publicity starting 100 days before their big debut, lyrics appealing to teens, and large scale music, the group possessed the formula for success, yet was unable to see results up to par with expectations.Surprisingly enough, it was because they possessed all of the ideal elements which resulted in evaluations stating that the group does not stand out among the plethora of idol groups.Last but not least, YG's biggest weakness can be noted in their very closed system of communication.This can be seen in their relationships with broadcasting companies.SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment are the so-called "Big 3" entertainment agencies of South Korea. T., SM has focused on "blockbuster" idols that can be well showcased.

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An example of this case would be newly debuted boy group, EXO.

The biggest problem musically would be that because the songs are produced by one individual, all of the songs can generally sound similar.

Feb 21, 2018. iKON's Bobby talked about YG Entertainment regulations. that iKON still have a dating ban, and are not allowed to obtain a driver's license. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Black Pink say they wouldn't choose SM Entertainment over YG Entertainment.… continue reading »

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Aug 6, 2012. "Since we are banned from dating for three years, I will be free from the ban this May. on SBS's Kangshimjang and complained that she wasn't allowed to date. In the entertainment industry, people say that idols are made by living. Unlike ordinary teenage groups their age, many idol singers do not go.… continue reading »

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Feb 8, 2018. Because of this, entertainment companies seek out talents even before. not easy to come by unless they debut in one of the Top 3 SM, JYP and YG. all for the bleak chance that they do get to actually debut — then there's.… continue reading »

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