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This lecture by Stanford University's Paula England, a leading researcher in the sociology of gender, aims to clarify what's actually going on. Mohammad, 18, was born in Pakistan, but has lived in the U. Navila, 19, from Bangladesh, carries on a futile struggle to save her father who was deported back to the very country from which he had fled. DVD 6518 Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, Sut Jhally and Jackson Katz show how so-called 'entertainment' is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence.

Part 3 follows one of the boys into the next phase of his life in Jaipur House, one of the five main houses in the school. With astonishing access to the girls' world, this vigorous, cinematic film is built upon the deep trust of its subjects. DVD 7915 Seventeen-year-old farm girl Xu Li Li works in a factory in the south, and travels the 1000 miles home to her family farm for the New Year. They take the viewer into their homes, schools, places of worship and favorite entertainment spots. Video/C 7333 Documentary about an unemployed eighteen year-old Chinese boy who was an indifferent student and now, without a university education, has no prospects for a decent job.

From a broadcast of the program ABC News special report, April 20, 1999. DVD 9430 In the early 1970s, ten teenagers leave life as they know it for ten weeks to live on a farm. What emerges are the fears, hopes and alienation of the growing pains of a counterculture. Their traditional clothing allows them to understand prejudices and to speak out about their faith, especially after 9/11, when people spat upon, pushed and threatened them. DVD X4666 What expectations and images do teenage boys feel pressured to conform to, and how do boys deal with these pressures? This documentary examines how youths have responded to this violence, the rise in black on black violence, and the effects it's had on the neighborhoods. Video/C MM783 Nearly a decade in the making, this refreshingly honest film documents the challenges and desires of a group of young women in New Orleans by letting them film their own stories. DVD 7976 Looks at the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of rumspringa which is a period in a teenager's life during which they are set free to explore the world outside the Amish life so that they can make an informed decision before they make a commitment to join the church at adulthood. DVD 1607; also VHS Video/C MM231 Du Bowski, Sandi Simcha; Walker, Lucy; Monserrate, Carey. Candidates must choose running mates, navigate primaries, write political platforms, perform in televised debates, shake as many hands as possible, and win newspaper endorsements. Two filmmakers moved into a freshman residence hall and followed a new group of students from move-in day to spring finals. This program raises more questions than it answers, which is the whole point: to prompt students to question, question, question the messages they are bombarded with daily. Explores the culture in which today's American teenager is growing up, and the relationships among teens, parents, the media and the marketers of popular culture. Teens who have kicked their meth habit speak candidly of the impact the drug had on their lives. This film shows the struggle of the filmmaker's fifteen-year-old sister, Jantre, to accept her appearance. Video/C 6524 A film by Daniel Friedman & Sharon Grimberg. DVD 5124 A parish youth group in a lower-middle-class Chicago neighborhood discusses parental authority, growing up, and the struggle to communicate with parents. DVD X2992 In 1992, filmmaker Sam Lee moved from England to teach second grade at a unique school in Harlem aimed at helping disadvantaged youth. DVD 8168 Features three New York City teenagers who use the city as their playground. DVD X3725 In 1997, actor Morgan Freeman, a resident of the small town of Charleston, Miss., offered to pay for the senior prom at Charleston High School under one condition: the prom must be racially integrated. In 2008 he offered again, and the offer was accepted, changing the tradition of two separate proms for blacks and whites that had endured since the high school was integrated in 1970.