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Median total family income grew in all CMAs, except Ottawa– Gatineau (-0.9%), Saguenay (-0.7%) and Greater Sudbury (-0.4%). I am once again offering my course: “ Statistical Tools for Policy Analysis” sometime during the first few months of 2016.I’m gauging interesting for presentations in Toronto and Ottawa.Today’s release replaces the information published August 8.August 15, 2014 Labour Force Survey, July 2014 (corrected) rose by 42,000 in July, the result of an increase in part-time work ( 60,000).Multigenerational households are the fastest growing type of household.

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Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, quality of life, crime and pollution.Living alone has decreased among senior women in recent years.One-person households most common in Quebec and Yukon.In this mind-expanding roller coaster ride through the world of statistics, Rosling explores the history of statistics, how stats work mathematically, and how, using statistics, we can take the massive deluge of data of today's computer age and use it to see the world as it really is.