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06-Oct-2019 10:36

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With the holiday season fast approaching, these 5 dating tips may just be the answers you’re looking for, or tips you’re in need of for successful dating: 1. Ever wonder if the arrangement you’re gifting is sending the right message?

Flowers are an elegant and thoughtful way to express your feelings, but many flowers convey different meanings.

In “real life,” when someone approaches and asks you out, you’re obliged by social custom to reply. How can I be mean to someone who thinks I deserve that kind of effort?

You may not be interested, but you can’t just pretend that the person isn’t standing there talking to you. So we have developed all manner of ways of saying no thanks, in what is hopefully the kindest way possible. And a couple times, women I have written to actually have replied with nice no thank you messages. And – here’s the odd part – a little uncomfortable.

Ignoring someone – someone who is paying you a huge compliment, in fact – is just flat-out What the hell – was I raised in a barn, she’d ask?Busy week, other things to focus on – sometimes I forget I sent a note at all.But when she writes back, when she makes eye contact, then the rejection becomes personal and I have to think about it.Another shared that her date texted her from his car, letting her know he had arrived and was ready for her to come outside.

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