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08-Apr-2020 18:21

In this example everything is done in the same transaction (and no coresp.query are done), this is the reason why the merge only attach the given entity to the actual context after this the refresh get the database information and put it in the managed entity - the database contains the information committed with the last [email protected] public class Item Manager Bean implements Item Manager Within the undo Item Changes() method the entity Manager.merge() is called first on the item object before calling the entity Manager.refresh() method.I understnad that in this instance, the merge() is called before refresh() is to attach the item entity to the persistence context and also that any method invocation on Entity Manager (like merge() or refresh()) will not get executed on the database straight away.

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Let say the item object was already modified (different from the database record) while it was detached.

Sorry for being so ignorant; I have just started preparing for scbcd. Hi Jisha I don't want to say that "not really do what it really is intended to do", the behavior described in my previous post is according with the documentation - the flush(database sync.) is done when the transaction ends. attach your entity to the persistence context (merge) so you have an entity in the persistence context cache but you don't flush the cache.