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With the exception of Medica, all of Minnesota’s individual market insurers imposed enrollment caps for 2018, but none of the caps were met, so insurers did not shut down enrollment in 2018.Since the filings aren’t yet available, we don’t know whether any of the insurers have proposed enrollment caps for 2019.This was an increase of about 12,000 people over the number who had selected coverage by the deadline the previous year to enroll in coverage that took effect January 1, 2017.And by January 14, when open enrollment ended, 116,358 people had enrolled — the highest open enrollment total in MNsure’s history, despite the shorter enrollment period, which ended in mid-January instead of the end of January.The more common usage in my part of Texas would be "I'm sorry, I don't know," because it is a "simple" problem; whereas "It's a pity," "Sadly," or even "Alas," would be for situations where the problem more profound (such as you have to pick up the president, pope, or mother-in-law).Before I came to Germany from America, I never said "It's a pity." I would say, "It's too bad." But "it's a pity" must have been published in some basic vocabulary book here because almost all German speakers who speak English say, "It's a pity". isn't a usage you will likely hear from a native speakers because it expresses an irrational degree of regret over something trivial.F.1, signed into law by Governor Dayton in early 2017.The subsidies helped to offset the large premium increases that applied in Minnesota in 2017, and helped to stabilize the individual health insurance market in 2017.

Both of those are likely to appeal to healthy people, potentially tilting the ACA-compliant risk pool towards the sicker end of the spectrum.

Edited (added): As it follows from answers, this phrase is almost never used by native English speakers.

Could you please specify how this phrase sounds for native speaker - as too formal or as archaic or anything else?

After an ensuing legal battle, a judge ordered HHS to restore funding for Minnesota Care, although a resolution of the situation is ongoing, and the amount that HHS has been ordered to pay for the first quarter of 2018 is only a little more than half of what the state had initially expected.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has published the average proposed rate changes for Minnesota’s individual market insurers, and it will come as welcome news to people who buy their own insurance in the state, particularly for those who don’t get premium subsidies.

And the elimination of the individual mandate penalty is expected to result in some healthy people dropping coverage, while sicker people maintain their coverage.

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