Formview itemupdating example

23-Sep-2019 07:13

The following code snippet sets the Image Url, Navigate Url, and Alternate Text for an ad programmatically: List controls include the List Box, Drop Down List, Check Box List, Radio Button List, and Bulleted List.

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The following features are available in the Grid View control.Use the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to define the display text and the value for the control.Additionally, you can use the Data Text Format String property to control the appearance of the display text as follows: For numeric/decimal data.To display the data from the database in the Ad Rotator control, add a data source control to the page, configure the connection string for the data source control to point to your database, and set the Ad Rotator control's Data Source ID property to the ID of the data source control.

In cases where you have a need to configure Ad Rotator ads programmatically, use the Ad Created event.

The total of all impressions values in the XML file may not exceed 2,048,000,000 - 1.