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18-Sep-2019 10:02

Unlike a laptop, the i Pad relies upon software delivered over the Internet for most of its functionality.The large screen and persistent connection could change user behavior, he observes.Still, you have to wonder about the wisdom of the paywall strategy, given the sacrifices made to implement it.Editors Weblog says traffic to the site is down by a third since October.It’s now embroiled in a labor dispute with unions that are refusing to accept a 10% pay cut.under the circumstances, this seems like an odd time to make a bet-the-business decision. ” For a product that was generating over 200 tweets per minute in the hours leading up to the launch event, the reality of the i Pad underwhelmed us.At 0 per subscriber per year, that amounts to just ,000 in annualized revenue for a relaunch that reportedly cost million. The total audience of potential online subscribers to online can already read it.The company also said its goal was never to amass a huge audience but rather to increase engagement and improve advertiser value by focusing on local residents.

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