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Ultimately, one parent will be awarded final decision-making authority for times when the parents are unable to reach a mutual decision.

Typically, final decision-making goes to the parent who has primary physical custody. However, usually there is one parent designated as the primary physical custodian and the other parent receives secondary physical custody.

In many cases when the parties are able to agree on equal parenting time, one parent will still continue to pay support.

Because child support is calculated based on income, the parent with the higher income will still likely pay some support.

This is when the parents share decision making authority regarding the minor child.

Having sole custody, however, does not alleviate the other parent of their obligations, such as child support obligations.

Joint physical is a parenting arrangement that can typically only be accomplished by agreement.

Judges will assign one parent as the primary custodial and the other as secondary.

The only time when there may be no support paid is in circumstances when the parties share equal parenting time and have nearly equal incomes. Child support and visitation are two separate rights/obligations that are not connected to one another.

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At age 14, a child can select which parent to live with. Even with the election, the parent who is not being selected by the child still has the right to present evidence that the child’s election is not in his/her best interest.

Even though a joint legal custodial arrangement requires that the parents share decision-making, the courts will designate one parent to have final decision-making authority in the event that the parties cannot agree.