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This implementation tries to be as compatible as possible with GORM for Hibernate.In general you can refer to the GORM documentation and the "Domain Classes" section of the reference guide (see the right nav) for usage information. Required by: project :example Since GORM for Mongo DB 5.0 there is now a choice of persistence engine.Note that the method switches the collection used for the scope of the current session/connection (ie. If you wish to permanently change the collection used then you need to configure the mapping of the domain will return the current database being used.

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This has several advantages for write heavy applications: With a stateful entity the updates to the three properties can be batched up and executed in the save() call, when there is no state then 3 updates needs to be executed for each schemaless property (ouch! The above example will read 100,000 books and print the title of each.In stateful mode this will almost certainly run out of memory as each Mongo DB document is stored in user memory as is each book.Rewriting the code as follows will solve the problem: There are several disadvantages to using stateless domain classes as the default.The query sorts the documents from nearest to farthest.

Querying the Database using GORM Dynamic Finders. This guide will demostrate how to efficiently query your database using GORM… continue reading »

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The Database Migration plugin helps you manage database changes while developing Grails applications. The plugin uses the Liquibase library. Using this plugin and Liquibase in general adds some structure and process to managing database changes. It will help avoid inconsistencies, communication issues, and other problems with ad-hoc… continue reading »

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Saves a new domain class instance or updates a modified persistent instance in the database, cascading updates to child instances if required. Examples. def b = new Book title " The Shining " Description. The save method informs the persistence context that an instance should be saved or updated. The object will not be persisted… continue reading »

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