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21-Nov-2019 08:46

On Sunday, October 2 she added to that haul in Estonia's historic capital Tallinn where she collected four gold medals and broke a world record at her latest world masters powerlifting champs."Muldrock discovered the sport by accident when she stepped into a gym for the first time at 42 to support a shy friend."It wasn't me, I wasn't interested.I didn't know what a dumbbell, or a barbell, or a rep, or a set was," she says.Here at Fox Transportables’ we aim to make you feel comfortable that you have the right Granny Flat builder in Perth.Extensions | Quality Checks | Your Granny Builder | Designs | For Sale | Costs | What is it?They also ran a motorcycle shop for 20 years, and raised two children.Muldrock was 39 before she started playing any competitive sport but she quickly caught the bug."I got bullied into playing hockey by some cousins who were desperately short in their team - and that was it," she says.

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She condemns the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport as "straight out cheating"."I know when I first started lifting there was always the inference of 'Why is she doing so well? ' But I've been drug-tested that much that there's no doubt there."Muldrock says her drug-testing and entry fees are paid for her world masters championships but she has to fund her travel and accommodation – around 00-00 a time.

At competitive level it is intensely demanding physically due to the high forces involved, and mentally because of the concentration required to ensure correct form. It's definitely a head-sport though, if your head's not in it, you've lost it."Concentrating on family helps.

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