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notes), a two-leaf typescript "Bulletin," a three-leaf typescript newspaper article, a bundle of documents relating to the West Side Tennis Club (two press releases totaling 7 leaves, one single-leaf carbonscript editorial, one single-leaf typed letter signed by Emanuel Targum, and approximately 8 newspaper clippings), a two-leaf mimeographed press release, a single-leaf mimeograph issue of a telegram by Abe Stark, a single-leaf mimeographed press release, two mimeographed leaves containing texts by Lou Lu Tour, a two-leaf typescript news article by Harold L.Oram, a photocopy of a single-leaf typed letter signed by J.Photographer if identified: Bert Andrews, Monroe S. Cole, Steve Friedman, Shelley Brown Number of Prints: 42 Also one paper stereotype matrix. Mc Millan Number of Prints: 17 Also one velox print. One print has a photocopy of a typed letter signed by Joseph F. Photographer if identified: Gilbert Pictorial Enterprise, Bill Mark, Parks Administration Public Information Office Number of Prints: 14 Also three velox prints and twelve newspaper clippings (one with accompanying mailing envelope). Photographer if identified: United Press International Inc., Mike Hall Assoc., Pictorial Enterprise, Juanita M. Hall, Channel 21, Monmouth County Arts Council, David Workman Photography, James C.Photographer if identified: Cecil Layne, Harris Photo, Bro. Campbell, James Gilbert, Jay Mc Shann, O'Brien, Harris Photo Number of Prints: 40 Also one velox print, one newspaper clipping, and a single-leaf computer-printed typescript text entitled "Somewhere Dr. Photographer if identified: Gilbert Pictorial Enterprise, Al Levine, James Campbell, Pictorial Enterprise, Harris Photo, Monroe S.Miscellaneous Mailings and Press Files Mel Tapley Artwork Unsorted Photos Press Mailings Books and Booklets Press Kits Press Releases Oversize and Fax Press Releases Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines Audio and Visual Media Also one velox print, one image clipped from a magazine, and a typescript letter signed by Jon Lukomnik (Office of the Comptroller). Watkins, Cecil Layne, Dummett, Smith, Claude Maloon, James C. Baker, Woodard's Studio, King Photographers, Pictorial Enterprise, Harris Photo Number of Prints: 29 Also one two-leaf press release, one velox print, and three paper stereotype matrices. Photographer if identified: International News Photo, Keystone Pictures Inc., AAF Training Command Number of Prints: 9 Also two velox prints, one single-leaf press release, and one partial handbill. One bundle of four prints and one bundle of two prints stuck together with paste.One print has staple through border; two prints have staples through image area. Photographer if identified: Bill Moore, Duane Harris Photo, Coreen Simpson, Sally Mueller, Lem Peterkin, Daniel Dutka, Pictorial Enterprise, Robert Kalfus Number of Prints: 41 Four prints have staples through the border; one print has a staple through the corner of the image. Photographer if identified: Harris Photo, Wide World Photos, James Gilbert, Bill Carter, Ed Sullivan, Allan W. One print has caption attached with staple through border. Wiggins, Harris Photo Number of Prints: 28 One bundle of two prints and one bundle of approximately 6 prints stuck together with paste. Photographer if identified: Pictorial Enterprise, Bryan D.Photographers represented in the collection include Bert Andrews, Kwame Brathwaite, Al Burley, James C. The majority of the sereis titles come from titles given by the Amsterdam News.Subject files A Subject files B Subject files C Subject files D Subject files E Subject files F Subject files G Subject files H Subject files I Subject files J Subject files K Subject files L Subject files M Subject files N Subject files O Subject files P Subject files Q Subject files R Subject files S Subject files T Subject files U Subject files V Subject files W Subject files X Subject files Y Subject files Z Series MT.

Tobias, a mimeographed of a typescript article with accompanying mailing envelope, two programs from Bunche's memorial service (both with extensive ms.

As the working photo archive of a continuously-published newspaper, many of the images have retouching, attached captions, press releases, cover letters, and printer's instructions.

In addition to photographs, the collection includes ephemera and manuscript material, including newspaper article drafts, typescript and mimeographed speeches, correspondence, event programs, magazine and newspaper clippings, employment applications, press releases, and newspaper production materials.

Photographer if identified: David Mc Adams, Hale Haberman, Rapid News Photo, James C.

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Campbell, Maurey Garber, Nichols, Dummett, Harold T. Hansen Studio, Cecil Layne, News-Ad Photography Number of Prints: 31 One typed letter signed by Earl Brown, one two-leaf typescript press release, one single-leaf typescript press release, one three-leaf typescript editorial with extensive ms. Anderson, the New York Amsterdam News is one of the oldest African-American owned and run newspapers in the country. Beginning in 1982, the newspaper was edited by Wilbert A.Initially focused on local news in New York in general and Harlem in particular, the Amsterdam News broadened its scope to include national news under the guidance of editor Dr. Tatum, under whose guidance the newspaper remained a voice in local and national affairs.additions and corrections, one two-leaf typescript editorial, one typed letter signed by Earl [Brown], one three-leaf carbonscript editorial, one carbonscript newspaper article draft, three single-leaf carbonscript resolutions, one single-leaf carbonscript editorial, one two-leaf carbonscript editorial, one two-leaf press release, one single-leaf press release, one three-leaf typescript press release with ms.

Dec 14, 2016. Smart/Sketchy Model Laura, Monet and Kristen, Cassi, Aaryn, en BB8. Danny Roberts from MTV's Real World New Orleans I'm dating myself. Oleynik, Emmett Blois, Hayden Moss are all examples of attractive males that. Reilly BB12/13, Kristen Bitting BB12, Danielle Murphree BB14, Ashley.… continue reading »

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Days ago. Arrest Date / Time. Inmate No. BITTING, DARNELL LEWIS. 06/02/. HAYDEN, DOUGLAS RAY. 03/12/. MOSS, HEDY LYNN. 08/28/.… continue reading »

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Name Kristen Bitting Age 24 Current Residence Philadelphia, Pa. Big Brother winner and Survivor Alum Hayden Moss will be making a special. Big Brother Adds Amazing Race Blind Date Team In First 'Takeover' Twist Big Brother 17.… continue reading »

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Jul 4, 2010. Hayden Moss, 24, is representing Arizona. He may be from Arizona, but he loves the beach. Kristen Bitting, 24, is from Pennsylvania. Kristen. She will do anything from painting to playing with her dog or going on dates.… continue reading »

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Series E. Dated Folders Photos from the 1990s sorted by date. One autograph letter signed by A. Moss four leaves, with attached page from Spotlight vol. Photographer if identified Hayden Roger Celestin, William L. Ballinger, Nate. e-mail from Sherry Bitting to Gideon Manasseh dated 4-14-2003 2 leaves; a.… continue reading »

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Hayden Moss · Lane ElenBurg · Enzo Palumbo · Britney Haynes · Matt Hoffman Ragan Fox Brendon Villegas · Rachel Reilly · Kathy Hillis · Kristen Bitting… continue reading »

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