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This common term 'ibri, or so the theory goes, was then recruited by the Bible writers to denote a kind of theological nomadism, that of the Hebrews, or the "school" of thought which is typically not pinned down in one particular position, or even organized in a political sense, but which travels with the herd from one grazy pasture to the next, learning from other nations and cultures as it goes along.

Israel's theology may seem unique to a careless observer, but comparative mythology shows obvious overlap with the traditions of Babylon (in the story, due to the origin of Abraham and the patriarchal wives) and Egypt (due to Moses' education).

The Bible also acknowledges the invaluable inputs of the Canaanite Melchizedek and the Midianite Jethro and several others, and those are just the sources we are told of.

The Hebrews worshipped the Word, which had nothing in common with the deities of the surrounding nations.

Shem is one of three sons of Noah, and personifies both a trait of the human mind and a characteristic of human culture.

Shem's family of Semites (or Shemites) peopled the Levant (Genesis -32, -32), including Babylon, from whence hailed Abram of Ur.

This theory may or may not have any merit, but it opens the door to the idea that the name Hebrew may have originally denoted someone from "the other side [of the river]," which may have been a nickname for either someone from Mesopotamia, that is to say: someone now given to social nomadism, or someone who is clueless in the wisdom sense of the word (see Joshua 24:2-3).

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The plural form ('ibrim, the word for Hebrews) denotes general "passers-by" and probably not Hebrews in Ezekiel .

Adam's wife Eve is therefore the mother of "all life" (Genesis ) which is a phrase that occurs about half a dozen times in the Bible and always covers all living things (show me). Adam and Eve's notorious original sin therefore affects the whole of creation (Romans -22).