Hidden sex cam my shester

01-Jan-2020 14:13

The other option is that the scammer has access to a list of compromised passwords from one of the many data breaches that have occurred within the last decade.

Websites aren’t supposed to store passwords in plain text but, sadly, some still do and ten years ago it was even more common.

One of the emails arrived at Naked Security yesterday, via a diligent reader, just as Brian Krebs was breaking the story on his site.

It claims to have compromising images of the recipient and goes on to ask for payment in order to stop the images being released publicly.

Attempting to manipulate victims by claiming to have compromising images of them is known as sextortion, and its been used for years.

What makes this scam different is that it’s added something extra: it contains a real password used by the victim.

Apparently, people are being taken in by this scam.

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