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A must read to expand your knowledge of what the 20th century was like for people living at the ground level.Confession time, I bought this book because I thought the pictures of the Hillbilly women were gorgeous and tough, but this is a pretty amazing and frequently shocking collection of interviews with women from Appalachia.I live in a duplex, and not materialistic, I value our environment, in all aspects, I enjoy wearing dresses and like to be barefoot, just not pregnant. I like to be intimate with potential others, and prefer clean shaven men, with short hair. and 2) the Rustic, yokel, inbred, backwards, nosepickin,banjo playing hillbillies looking for a cement pond to bathe in and has a pumpkin on the porch that has more teeth then their spouse. nearly edible looking, and cracker barrel wait staff are easily tricked by the cooks into taking bites. Not really into this one-Do you have a hubcap collection (or Elvis plates, or precious moments figurines)?I am redneck because I like a fast invigorating economy, and yep I live in Alberta. And there is the southern belle, classy and eloquent . this really disgusting white soupy stuff that when cooled turns into a gelatinous mold of whatever it was setting in. None of these but I do collect crystal lighthouses and crystal bells-Do you own a handgun?The stories will make you angry (assuming you have a pulse) but also give you hope for how amazing people can be.This book has an irritating bias that undermines its message, but the stories the women tell are pretty fascinating.To me there is two types of Rednecks, 1) the hard working, pick up driving, plays hard, strong outoorsy 2) the Rustic, yokel, inbred, backwards, nosepickin,banjo playing hillbillies looking for a cement pond to bathe in and has a pumpkin on the porch that has more teeth then their spouse.

These biographies are both a powerful condemnation of the Big industries and Big Government that did their best to try and screw them over – but it is also a testament to the granite backbone these women have/had.

I take it that Duckman_2 doesn't take too kindly to my theatrics of anti-Southernism, or owns a massive quantity of Southern Pride and John Deere apparel.

when they're cooked right, they have a smooth, creamy texture with a slight bit of gritiness to them... that would be the same as adding milk or cream to them...

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... And Hoboken isn't that bad of a city at the moment, as opposed to the slums of the 50's. I was born and raised in the second confederate state..let you figure that one out..never have I heard of "Half Southern"...actually it kind of offends me since I am proud of where I came from and what my ancestors went through.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I consider Redneck women to be women who are able to do things on their own!!! The first thing I would LOVE to say is LEARN HOW TO SPELL!I dont think there are two types of rednecks but I would say that your #1 would fit the description of Southerner's/Rednecks and your #2 describes Trailer Trash/Hillbillies... Anyone who has been on this site long enough to remember the OP's many other incarnations......JMOKinda curious where I fall into this picture still. Trailer trash hillbillies, well we have a few of them up in my country too, well not the hillbilly part, I would suspect Coloradacwgrl you would fall under number 1 , because I doubt if you were number 2) you would 1) know how to read? and 3) since you haven't mentioned anything about skinning possums for living with your kin folks. Please post the links to the numerous threads, where the OP bashed everything Southern, and everything redneck.hmmmmm 1)I live in the south2)live in a mobile home in the country3)go muddin in the pickup or on the 4 wheeler4)love to go bass fishin5) am college educated6)clean up rather well I answered yes to more than two......that make me a redneck woman??I heard and read about miners and mining towns, but these stories bring it close to home. She stepped in at parts, but otherwise all the stories were in these women's own words. These women held their families together, supported and provided for them, and fought for what was rightfully owed to them. Strong appalachian women struggling to support their families in harsh coal mining towns (before unions and during the struggle to form unions), boot-legging, working in textile factories. But I will say, I can pick this book up anytime and read the stories of these women over and over again.

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